Mopeds With the Best Gas Mileage in 2022

Soaring gas prices are indirectly draining bank accounts across the nation. To siphon off some of these excessive fees, United States citizens are trading in traditional automobiles for fuel efficient, gas powered mopeds. Budding scooter fans aiming to participate in this eco-friendly trend are encouraged to read on to discover which mopeds have the best gas mileage in 2022.


TVS Jupiter 125 


Made by TVS Motor Company, the Jupiter 125 appears to offer a fuel consumption rate of 50 kilometers per liter, which is almost 148 miles per gallon. To achieve such an impressive stat, the gas powered moped manufacturer installed a 124.8 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled engine inside the motorized device, as well as a CVT automatic transmission.


Other noteworthy traits are listed hereafter.


  • Weighs 238 lbs
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 12V battery
  • LED head and tail lights
  • Electric silent start
  • One gallon fuel tank
  • Under seat storage of 8 gallons
  • Glove box with roughly a 1/2 gallon of space 
  • Top speed of 57 miles per hour


As an added bonus, the Jupiter 125 comes in 3 different variations, and the cheapest gas powered moped model is roughly $1,000. To find out more about the Jupiter 125 visit the TVS Motor Company website.


Vespa Super 300 GTS

Transitioning from a traditional automobile to a gas powered scooter with a seat takes a while to get used to. Budding moped fans that would like to acclimate faster may want to procure a fuel-efficient moped that is capable of going almost as fast as their old vehicle. If this sounds like an ideal solution, check out the 2022 Vespa Super 300 GTS. This gas powered moped is capable of going 80 miles per hour, and offers the following attributes. 


  • Gets about 73 miles per gallon 
  • Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled 278cc engine
  • 24 HP
  • 4.3” touchscreen display can sync up with Bluetooth
  • 2.24 gallon fuel tank
  • 31″ seat height


For more information about this non cheap moped, go here.


2022 Yamaha XMAX


Budding moped enthusiasts interested in spending less than $7,500 for a luxury gas powered scooter with a seat may want to check out the 2022 Yamaha XMAX. This powerful motor scooter is reported to be able to go over 85 miles per hour, as well as get about 76 miles per gallon. To ensure these awesome performance stats are maintained consistently throughout the lifespan of the XMAX, the moped manufacturer bestowed the powersports machine with a 292cc liquid-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine, and a fully-automatic CVT.


A few additional perks are listed below.


  • Traction control
  • ABS
  • Storage compartments that are lockable
  • 12V recharge port for small device
  • Adjustable windshield and handlebar
  • 3.4 gallon fuel tank
  • Ground clearance of 5.3”
  • Seat height of 31.1”
  • Weighs 397 lbs


To find out more about this non cheap gas powered moped, visit the Yamaha website.


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