Most Common Golf Cart Repairs

Driving around the neighborhood in a street legal golf cart is delightful. Being denied this treat due to LSV repairs is not. Owners of low speed vehicles that aim to avoid the aforementioned event may be able to do so by familiarizing themselves with the most common golf cart repairs.


When Golf Cart Services Are Needed


As we mentioned above, EZ Gos, Club Cars, and limo golf carts occasionally need to be repaired. When such instances occur, they are usually caused by normal wear and tear or a lack of maintenance. Taking this into consideration, LSV owners may prefer to stay up-to-date with any maintenance routines recommended by golf cart manufacturers.


That said, the list below outlines which golf cart components tend to break down most often.


  • LSV batteries
  • Golf cart shocks
  • Clutches on some EZ GOs, Club Cars, and luxury golf carts
  • Speed regulator
  • Direction switch
  • Solenoid


When the items listed above are not serviced via routine maintenance, the gears are worn down by dirt and debris, rather than via usage. 


Needless to say, it behooves golf cart owners to check up on, and clean, the components inside their LSV. But knowing exactly how often to get a golf cart serviced is often nothing shy of a guessing game. Due to this, LSV fans may opt to simply be on the lookout for telltale signs that a golf cart repair is required. 


A few noteworthy examples are outlined below.


Golf Car Batteries


If properly maintained, golf cart batteries can last almost a decade. Yet, despite this fact, the sweet feat is not the norm. LSV owners trying to determine if a golf cart battery is close to kicking the bucket may want to be on the lookout for the following.


  • Headlights start to dim
  • Power surges and declines while LSV is in operation
  • Trouble starting the golf cart
  • Average charge duration starts to shrink


LSV fans hoping to extend the life of a battery as long as possible are encouraged to clean the terminals, maintain the electrolyte levels, and fully charge energy capsules between each use.


Low Speed Vehicle Shocks


Ramping up and over speed bumps or other hurdles can be exhilarating. However, this fun endeavor has a tendency to reduce the effectiveness of golf cart shocks. In case you are not familiar, here are a few noticeable traits that highlight the fact that permanent damage was inflicted upon the shocks of an LSV.


  • Either end of the golf cart seems to sit higher than the other
  • Loud noises are generated when turning a corner or driving on uneven terrain
  • Smoothness of the ride has diminished


One of the best ways to preserve shocks and suspension is to slow down when turning or driving over speed bumps.


Solenoid For Used LSV


In general, solenoids work akin to how starters function in traditional vehicles. However, solenoids go one step further by assisting with acceleration. Therefore, those hoping to avoid damaging the gear may want to resist the urge to step down hard on the fuel pedal. 


That said, if an LSV solenoid starts to go out golf cart owners may start to experience long delays between key turn and engine start.


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