Most Popular Golf Cart Names in 2022

Anthropomorphism is the act of bestowing a name to an animal or inanimate object. Although this act is implemented for a variety of reasons, the behavior is common and repeated throughout history. Now that we know a bit more about why people name their low speed vehicles, let us take a look at the most popular golf cart names in 2022.


Golf Cart Manufacturer Model


Without a doubt, naming a Club Car, EZGo, or other luxury four seater golf cart is a delightful way to personalize a low speed vehicle. Nevertheless, LSV owners may feel a bit awkward about creating a custom name for an inanimate object. 


Cart fans that find themselves in this situation may prefer to use a shortened version of the model name when referring to their six seater low speed vehicle. A few examples are below.


  • E-Z-GO Freedom TXT – “The TXT”
  • Bintelli Beyond 4PR – “The 4PR”
  • Yamaha Drive 2 PTV – “The PTV”


That said, not everyone wants to refer to their luxury low speed vehicle by the model name.


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As we mentioned above, LSV fans often personalize their powersports machine by naming the motorized device. A byproduct of this act is a desire to decorate a low speed vehicle in ways that live up to the unique name, which can be really amusing! Golf car enthusiasts eager to explore this creative act are encouraged to utilize the following name generating techniques.


  • Pick a funny name based on the attributes of a used Club Car
  • Leverage puns to generate a personalized title
  • Refer to the powersports machine based on how the LSV is used
  • Utilize the shade of the golf car when creating a nickname


Bear in mind, the personalized title initially given to a low speed vehicle may change over time as golf cart owners get better acquainted with their powersports machine. Taking this into consideration, LSV fans may want to brainstorm a few potential names and try them out one by one to see which title aptly suits their low speed vehicle.


Most Popular Golf Cart Names


Bestowing a proper nickname to a golf car can be challenging. LSV fans hoping to jumpstart the process may be able to do so by reviewing some of the most popular golf cart names in 2022.


  • Cruiser
  • Flash
  • Speedy
  • McCarty
  • Bullet
  • Slow Poke
  • Betsy
  • Desert Fox
  • Big Cadillac
  • Mini Car
  • Ruby
  • Bertha
  • Boy-o
  • Guapo
  • Sassy Sue
  • Chief
  • Monsieur
  • Bestie
  • Lone Wolf
  • Problem Child
  • Moose
  • Boo-Boo
  • Bumpy Turtle
  • Scoot McGoot


Needless to say, naming a low speed vehicle appears to be a lot of fun! 


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Golf car fans interested in bestowing a unique nickname to their powersports machine are encouraged to do so while keeping the following details in mind.


  • Nicknames are typically repeated by others, including little ones
  • Friends and family are probably going to procure LSV accessories related to the name
  • Personalized golf cart license plates featuring the title are available


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