Must-Have Summer Golf Cart Accessories

The hottest season of the year is about to occur in the United States. To aptly prepare for this pleasant portion of the year, be sure to equip your LSV, EZ Go, Club Car, or limo golf car with the must-have summer golf cart accessories listed below.

BREEZeasy Cooling Blower

As we mentioned above, the warmest segment of 2021 is about to unfold in the states. To enjoy the heat while riding around in a luxury golf cart, equip said LSV with a BREEZeasy Cooling Blower from Bintelli. This delightful, easy-to-install device works well in enclosed as well as open LSVs, and can be equipped to electric, as well as gas powered golf cars. More info here.

Solar Roof Kit

There are a plethora of sun rays bouncing around during the summer. Since we can harness that energy and use the power to fuel electric devices, it would simply be a shame to not take advantage of the free, eco-friendly resource. Therefore, readers are encouraged to treat themselves to a high-quality Solar Roof Kit, such as the one from Bintelli.

The aforementioned kit is fully customizable and typically extends the life of a golf cart battery by about two years. As an added bonus, by adding the Solar Roof Kit to a 4 seater golf car or limo golf cart, LSV owners can extend the distance traveled per charge by about 7.5 miles.

Wheelchair Carrier

Ensure loved ones are able to go on joy rides, as well as other adventures, by equipping an LSV with a wheelchair carrier. In doing so, golf cart owners can streamline the journey to and from the aforementioned device, so riders can focus on enjoying the ride rather than worrying about mobility related issues.

Roof Mounted Sound System

FM radio has a certain charm that digital stereo lacks. To enjoy this retro music listening device, consider equipping a Club Car, EZ Go, or other luxury LSVs with a Roof Mounted Sound System from Bintelli.

As the name implies, the compact device mounts to the roof and pumps out delicious AM and FM tunes via two speakers. Oh, and if local radio stations are not playing groovy songs, the device also comes with a CD player. Additional perks mentioned hereafter.

Two super high frequency tweeters
Anti-theft, detachable control panel
Comes with remote control
Weather resistant casing

Golf cart owners can find out more about this awesome system here.

Backup Camera

Regardless of the size of a motorized vehicle, safety is important. Due to this, golf cart owners are encouraged to procure a Backup Camera, such as the one from Bintelli. After installation, this nifty safety feature displays the view from behind the LSV on a 4.3 inch LCD monitor. Other noteworthy features are listed below.

Pictures are in HD
Night vision
Plugs into cigarette lighter or reverse lights
Turns on automatically
Can add additional cameras to the system
Consumes little energy

That said, this device pairs well with electric powered golf carts.

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