Novel Kids ATV Packed With Tech Features

Parents typically want to ensure their children are safe at all times. To assist in this endeavor, CFMOTO developed a kids 4 wheeler that is packed with safety-related tech features. Find out what these technological attributes are as we discuss the CFORCE EV110 down below.


Cheap Used Four Wheelers


As we mentioned above, the novel kids all terrain vehicle from CFMOTO is designed with safety in mind. What we did not mention, however, is the non-cheap childrens four wheeler is marketed as a powersports machine suitable for little ones that are 10 years old or older. 


Given this intended audience, it should come as no surprise the CFORCE EV110 comes with safety-related tech features that may make ATVing a bit safer for them. Parents that find the aforementioned possibility intriguing may be delighted to know they can interact with the non-cheap kids 4 wheeler in the following ways.


  • Geofencing
  • Speed control
  • Call back
  • Alert system


That said, it is important to note these perks appear to only be accessible via the Smart Safe Guard app. Guardians that do not mind this setback are encouraged to read on as we explore what each attribute does.


Kids ATV Geofencing


As the name implies, geofencing is essentially an invisible fence. Parents that opt to utilize this tool can use the Smart Safe Guard app to establish a designated area to drive in. And if little ones decide to ride their CFORCE EV110 outside the geofence, the electric four wheeler implements the following.


  • Starts buzzing
  • Reduces speed
  • Sends an alert to parents


Guardians hoping to maximize the range in which their kids can drive may want to create a 3.3 mile radius around their home. For those unfamiliar with why, here is the scoop. A circular geofence with a radius of 3.3 miles creates a driving area that is within the max range of the CFORCE EV110. 


Childrens All Terrain Vehicle Speed Cap


To ensure unsupervised kids are traveling at safer speeds, CFMOTO equipped the new youth ATV with three acceleration-related features. A custom speed restriction that parents can set via the app, and two ride modes. Eco and Sports. The former mode implements a 14 mph speed cap, whereas the latter allows little ones to go full speed on the electric all terrain vehicle.


Four Wheeler Call Back


Another noteworthy feature the CFORCE EV110 has is a very basic communication system. To elaborate, the kids all terrain vehicle has an SOS button that children can press if they need assistance from guardians. On the other hand, parents can use the Call Back feature in the app to let the youth ATVer know when it is time to return home.


ATV Alert System


Finally, the e childrens 4 wheeler from CFMOTO has built-in alert systems that are designed to let parents know when something is amiss. For example, the four wheeler sends an alert to the app when the cheap ATV battery starts getting low. Guardians interested in finding out more about the CFORCE EV110 may do so here.


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