Proper Golf Cart Etiquette

When driving a street legal golf cart, Ez Go, or Club Car, most low speed vehicle fans know to adhere to local road rules related to driving an LSV. Unfortunately, this common sense practice is not as easy to pick up on out on the course. 


As a result, many golfers are unaware of proper golf cart etiquette. To raise awareness of these social customs and issues, we created the following guide.


What Not To Do


Unlike all terrain vehicles, LSVs are not able to go everywhere. Despite this fact, golf cart owners find it very tempting to drive low speed vehicles through questionable areas that damage or completely total the LSV, EZ Go, or Club Car they were driving. Those hoping to avoid such catastrophe should be mindful of any posted signs in sight, and the following.


  • Boundary lines that mark off hazard areas
  • Going near greens not on a golf course path 
  • Stay away from tee boxes
  • Wet surfaces 
  • Muddy areas
  • Taking a shortcut of any kind
  • Puddles or pools of water
  • Stunts, such as ramp jumping, are not advised
  • Greens that are moving or appear to have a bubble under them


Now that we have most of the basics covered, let’s dive into golf cart etiquette traditions that have been passed down for decades out on the greens.


Traditional Golf Cart Etiquette


As we mentioned above, the term “golf cart etiquette” refers to social behaviors. Although these guidelines vary from location to location, almost all of them are passed down from one generation of LSV fans to the next. 


Given this lineage, new Club Car and EZ Go owners may be unaware that such expectations exist. To alleviate any confusion, here is a quick review of what may be considered “common sense” out on the course.


  • Use the golf cart path exclusively when the rule is in effect for the entire course or specific holes
  • When a “90-degree” rule is in place, golf cart owners may drive on the greens as long as the path taken is directly from the LSV path to the tee or ball location
  • Golf cart enthusiasts that run into a “No Carts Beyond This Point” are advised to back up and drive the LSV back in the same direction they came from
  • Keep an eye on other golfers to reduce the odds of getting pinged in the head by a golf ball
  • Smile and wave at fellow LSV fans as you drive by


That said, there are other issues to be aware of. For example, rules established for one portion of the golf course may not apply to another area nearby. A great example of this is the par 3 holes. In case you are not familiar, this location is the shortest on the course. 


Due to the size, excessive damage is likely to occur as attendees ride an LSV through the area. To avoid this unwanted effect, golfers may be required, or even just expected, to stay on the golf cart path.


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