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Safety Tips for Operating Your Street Legal Golf Cart

When it comes to operating your street legal golf cart or electric vehicle, safety should always be your top priority. You may think it’s hard to get injured on a golf cart, but more golf cart accidents happen per year than most people realize. Even though it’s fun to ride, it’s also important to keep you in your friends and family safe. Here are a few tips from Bintelli on how to safely operate your golf cart. Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. One of the most common golf cart injuries are related to limb exposure.

  • Do not overload your vehicle by squeezing more passengers than it is designed for. Every electric golf cart has a weight limit to prevent overloading, which can cause permanent damage to the motor.
  • Wear a seat belt when possible, and make sure your passengers are buckled up before moving too. Our street legal carts for sale are required to have seat belts, but not all carts come with this feature. Installation of seat belts can prevent passengers from being ejected from the cart in the event of a sudden stop, sharp turn, or accident.
  • Do not drive while under the influence. This should go without saying, but golf carts require the same awareness and quick reflexes necessary to safely drive a car. Be safe, not sorry.
  • Do not drive your golf cart recklessly or go for a joy ride. Be considerate of your neighbors and other drivers by obeying traffic laws and road rules, and avoid dangerous distractions such as texting, eating, drinking, or reaching for objects while driving. Avoid excessive speeding, sudden stops, or sharp turns at high speeds.
  • Pay attention to your driving environment. Standard golf carts for sale are made for flat terrains found at your typical golf course and are not well suited for steep hills or inclines. Traveling regularly up an incline 30 degrees or more can cause permanent damage to the motor. Avoid rough terrain or trails that a golf cart is not meant for (our Lifted Golf Carts are better equipped for off-road travel).
  • Do not drive golf carts during extreme weather conditions. Although our weather enclosure protects from the rain, nothing can protect your vehicle from a potential lightning strike during a storm.
  • Follow these tips to help keep you and your friends and family safe every time you operate your street legal golf cart or electric vehicle!