Should Golf Carts Have License Plates?

Arguably one of the best things about LSV ownership is the distinct lack of legal requirements. To elaborate, low speed vehicle fans typically do not need to obtain a title, registration, or license plate before operating a luxury 4 seater golf cart.


But despite this well-known perk, residents in Corpus Christi, Texas are required to procure and showcase a license plate on their low speed vehicle as of 2022. Find out why, and when the new law is being implemented as we discuss whether golf carts should have a license plate.


Mandatory Golf Cart License Plates


Corpus Christi attracts a plethora of golf cart loving tourists. Although this phenomenon is very profitable for Texans, the extra LSV traffic has generated numerous preventable and unwanted issues. For example, several golf car thefts and low speed vehicle accidents go unresolved due to a lack of cart identification. 


To improve the situation, local officials in North Padre Island have passed a law requiring the street legal golf carts to have a license plate on display. But despite this overnight ruling, the Corpus Christi Police Department, also known as CCPD, issued a statement saying they aim to “do an education campaign” before reinforcing the new legislation, and went on to state that they “plan to start enforcement by the end of this year.” 


That said, local residents can anticipate paying about $15 to obtain a new license plate for their low speed vehicle.


What is a Street Legal Golf Cart?


When a motorized device is operated on a public road the event creates dangerous scenarios that can lead to an accident. To reduce the odds of the aforementioned possibility, citizens are often required to transform a low speed vehicle into a street legal golf cart by installing the following safety gear.


  • Head, tail, and turn lights
  • Side and rear mirrors
  • Windshield and wiper
  • Department of Transportation, or DOT, approved seat belts


In addition, street legal golf carts are typically required to have a license plate on display. These metal signs showcase an alphanumeric string that is associated with whomever registered the low speed vehicle. Leveraging this information, police officers and United States citizens can achieve the following.


  • Give golf cart insurance agents the correct information about who was involved in an low speed vehicle accident
  • Locate the right LSV in a parking lot
  • Identify a stolen EZ Go, Club Car, or limo golf cart


But despite the perks highlighted above, LSV license plates are not always required. So, be sure to check local and state low speed vehicle laws prior to purchasing a street legal golf cart.


Should Golf Carts Have License Plates?


Once a four seater golf car or six seater limo low speed vehicle is operated on a public road the powersports machine in question is usually subject to DOT regulations. Since these rules often include having a license plate on display, it is easy to see why street legal golf carts need a license plate, whereas powersports machines used on a golf course may not.


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