Should LSVs Have Big Googly Eyes?

When upgrading the appearance of an LSV most golf cart owners typically add modifications that enhance the aesthetic beauty of the powersports machine in question. Nevertheless, low speed vehicle fans may find themselves installing big googly eyes onto their EZGos, Club Cars, and luxury limos in the near future. Find out why down below.


Cheap Used Golf Cart Accidents


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, LSV-related injuries are on the rise. But as startling as this trend is, it is important to remember the aforementioned revelation only includes incidents that resulted in a trip to the hospital.


Or to put it another way, the total number of golf cart accidents that occur each year is likely increasing at a much higher rate. Low speed vehicle fans aiming to address this issue may be able to do so soon by adding large, automated, googly eyes to their cheap used LSV.


Cheap Low Speed Vehicle Modifications


Eye contact is a non-verbal communication tool capable of relaying information at near light speed. Taking this into consideration, researchers decided to explore whether remote-controlled eyeballs could be used to make driverless motorized vehicles safer.


To test the theory in a safe environment, engineers created a virtual crosswalk, a golf buggy with big googly eyes, and an unmodified cheap used golf cart. Next, researchers invited 18 participants to visit the virtual world via a VR headset, and attempt to utilize the crosswalk in the following four scenarios.


  • Unyielding, eyeless low speed vehicle moves toward the pedestrian
  • Yielding, unmodified street legal golf cart approaches the designated zone
  • Unyielding LSV with eyes drives to the area without looking at the participant
  • Yielding golf car with eyes arrives on site and looks at the pedestrian


After all of the combinations above were implemented, the researchers tallied up the error rates rather than the amount of successful crosses. By doing so, the team was able to generate percentages that represent how often an accident or delay would occur in each scenario, and the grouped results are highlighted below.


  • Neither the eyeless street legal golf cart nor the pedestrian stopped: 37.23%
  • Both the LSV with eyes and the crosser kept moving forward: 24.45%
  • Eyeless powersports machine and participant stopped at the crosswalk: 63.89%
  • Low speed vehicle with eyes and walker each came to a halt: 35%


To recap, installing large, remote-controlled, googly eyes onto the front of a cheap used low speed vehicle decreased head-on collisions by 12%, and reduced unnecessary delays by about 28%. For more information about this study, be sure to check out the peer reviewed paper titled “Can Eyes on a Car Reduce Traffic Accidents?” here.


Should Cheap Used Golf Carts Have Big Googly Eyes?


Based on the results discussed above, large, googly eyes paired with fully-functional AI may become a viable communication tool in the future. Until then, low speed vehicle fans may want to save the humorous decor for festive events, such as holiday golf cart parades and lively outdoor events.


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