Should Speed Limits Be Lowered?

In general, an increase in driving speed equates to a decrease in travel time. Nevertheless, this desirable effect is coming into question as of date. To elaborate, data recorded from various cities across the United States suggest low speed limits offer society more perks than those created by higher acceleration caps. 


To determine whether these benefits are sufficient evidence to lower local speed limits, read on.


Expand Street Legal Golf Cart Range


Owners of street legal golf carts are often able to drive on roads with speed limits that are 35 miles per hour or less. As a result, low speed vehicle operators can access a plethora of nearby areas, while being somewhat cut off from others. LSV fans hoping to address this dilemma and expand their driving range may be able to do so if local speed limits are lowered.


That said, representatives are more likely to update the aforementioned regulations if more than one benefit is highlighted. Taking this into consideration, ez go, golf car, and luxury LSV owners may want to fortify their law changing request by including the following speed limit reduction stats in their proposal.


Operate Used Low Speed Vehicles


In 2017, several roads in Boston were reduced from 30 mph to 25 mph. To see if this change affected the average amount of speed violations, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, analyzed the results. 


According to David Harkey, President of IIHS, “We found significant reductions in the odds of vehicles in Boston exceeding 25 mph, 30 mph and 35 mph associated with the reduced speed limit, and the decline was biggest for the odds of vehicles exceeding 35 mph”. 


Safely Drive Cheap Street Legal LSVs


Early in January 2015, city officials in Toronto, Canada lowered the speed limit by 5 mph on roads with a 25 mph cap. To determine the effects of this change, BMC Public Health recorded several related safety stats until December 2016. When they published their findings in February 2020, the report showcased a 28% decrease in pedestrians and motorized vehicle collisions, as well as a 67% decline in fatal and serious injuries.


Luxury Four Seater Carts


On July, 22, 2020, the Seattle Department of Transportation, or SDOT, announced they received recognition from the National Association of City Transportation Officials for recording and publishing the effects of a citywide speed reduction. The SDOT went on to state reducing speeds to 25 mph on local roads resulted in a 22% decrease in total crashes.


For more information about the study, go here.


Should Speed Limits Be Lowered?


An increase in roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less would make it possible for street legal golf cart owners to drive to more locations. Furthermore, speed reductions appear to reduce injuries, accidents, and excessive speeding. 


But despite these perks, it is important to remember the details presented in this article only reflect a small portion of the big infrastructure picture. To determine if a speed reduction is worthwhile in the long run, be sure to contact the DOT and encourage them to conduct more research into the topic.


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