Should You Buy a Gas or Electric Golf Cart?

So you finally decided to buy a golf cart. After looking online to review all the golf carts for sale, you realized just how many different ones exist. Bintelli, Ezgos, Club Cars, and a plethora of other golf cart manufacturers.

But narrowing down your search for street legal golf carts via brand preference still leaves a huge selection of carts. To help you decide which of these are worth looking into, consider what you want to get out of the cheap golf cart.

Do you plan on taking your spouse, children, and pets on a joy ride? Consider getting a 6 seater golf cart rather than a 4 seater. Are you interested in driving on non-pavement terrains? Grab yourself an off road golf cart.

As you can probably see, using this line of thinking, you can likely find the best golf cart for sale, even on Craigslist. However, one thing that is commonly overlooked during this process is the option to buy an electric golf cart rather than a gas powered one.

When Buying a Used Gas Golf Cart

Cheap gas golf carts are less likely to have a high mpg rate. However, that does not mean savvy shoppers are unable to get a good deal on a fuel friendly used golf cart in Charleston, South Carolina. For example, a six gallon tank will last about 150 miles on average. 

Which is really good compared to most gas powered vehicles, and great if you are able to get that kind of mileage in an enclosed golf cart. 

As for the price, most cool golf carts are moderately priced compared to other gas powered forms of transportation. Shoppers in the market for a used or new golf cart can expect to pay somewhere between $2,000 and $12,000. 


  • Most models get about 50 horsepower
  • Gas stations are everywhere
  • Riding on hills does not drain fuel as fast as electric models do


  • Combustion engines are noisy
  • Not eco-friendly (fumes and smell)
  • Paying for gas is MUCH more expensive compared to electric prices

Now that we have a baseline to start with, let’s take a look at electric golf carts.

What To Expect From Electric

The first electric golf cart was made in 1932. Despite this, the new luxury golf carts of that era were largely ignored in favor of gas models. As a result, golf cart companies focused on improving gasoline models instead.

Since then, consumers have come full circle. Now you can find new golf carts for sale online that are electric. That said, due to the lack of development, few advancements have been made to street legal electric golf carts.

As a result, pre-owned electric golf carts do have some drawbacks.


  • Motor is quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fuel is inexpensive (averages about 1 cent per mile)


  • Battery needs to be replaced in approximately 3-5 years

As you can see, even when it comes to fuel type there are a lot of things to consider when searching for luxury golf carts. Hopefully, this guide made finding the perfect street legal golf cart that matches your unique needs.

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