Sneak Peek at the 2021 Piaggio Beverly Moped

Back in 1884, Piaggio was manufacturing railway carriages and locomotives. Since then, the company has expanded into other industries, such as luxury scooters. Of these two-wheeled devices, the Beverly scooter with a seat is arguably one of the most popular Piaggio mopeds. 


Given this noteworthy trend, the motorized vehicle manufacturer is celebrating the device’s 20-year history by revamping the model next year.


Touring and Commuting in Style


Designed for comfortable rides, the Piaggio Beverly, and the upgraded Beverly S, are considered to be highly coveted devices. Nevertheless, Piaggio has opted to evolve the moped model to reach a wider audience. To achieve this, the look and performance of the device were enhanced. Details are below.


Stronger Engine


When the term “liquid-cooled engine” is uttered, most people associate the phrase with high-performance automobiles or motorcycles. Despite this, Piaggio opted to include such functionality in the Beverly moped. To take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology, the following have been added to the engine.


  • Fuel-injection
  • Four-strokes per crank rotation
  • Vibration and noise inhibitors


From there, Piaggio split the power potential of the moped into the base model and the S variation. Here are the impressive specs of both models.


  • Beverly: 300cc, 26 horsepower, 19 ft torque
  • Beverly S: 400cc, 35 horsepower, 28 ft torque


Needless to say, both Beverly versions are powerful motor scooters.


Wheels and Suspension


A high-quality engine can do little for moped enthusiasts without wheels and suspension. Taking this into consideration, Piaggio changed up the aforementioned equipment. Now, the new Beverly models are available with either adjustable or non-adjustable Showa suspension as well as 16 or 14 inch tires. To enhance the look of the lower half of the moped, the wheels are topped off with aluminium alloy, split-spoke hub caps.


Updated Moped Frame and Tech Gear


With the power potential of the Beverly models squared away, the moped manufacturer sought a way to modernize the motor scooter. To complete this mission, the following features were added to both moped variations.


  • 5.5 inch LCD screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Keyless start
  • Remote allows fuel cap open, seat control, and steering lock
  • LED running, turn, head, and tail lights
  • Swingarm-mounted license plate holder


In addition, the body is now more aerodynamic and visually appealing than previous models. According to the moped manufacturer, thanks to all the new upgrades, riding the Beverly now feels as though a motorcycle is being utilized, rather than a motor scooter.


Moped enthusiasts hoping to procure either the Beverly or the Beverly S may be delighted to know the two-wheeled device is available in six colors, as listed below.


  • Beverly: Bianco Luna, Blu Oxigen, Grigio Cloud
  • Beverly S: Argento Cometa, Nero Tempesta, Arancio Sunset


It is important to note that only the S version comes with a windshield and matte or glossy finishes. That said, as of date no official price or United States delivery date has been announced.


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