Street Legal vs Non-Street Legal Golf Carts For Sale

Many people have questions when it comes to street legal golf carts, and it can be confusing to understand why certain electric vehicles are classified as non-street legal. While we can help shed some light on the subject, we always recommend checking your local laws before purchasing a street-legal vehicle to make sure they are accepted in your area.

Low Speed Vehicles (LSV’s) are built to meet the federal requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). They can only have speeds up to 25 mph, and must include DOT-approved upgrades such as seatbelts, windshield with wipers, headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Because the street legal models have these upgrades, they are assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so it can be registered, tagged and titled at a DMV like a car (insurance may also be required in your state). This means any person with a license can drive their street legal cart on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less, and can cross a road of 45 mph or less. One of Bintelli’s most popular street legal golf carts for sale would be the Bintelli 4pr model.

Non-street legal golf carts for sale either do not come with some of these upgrades, or they do not meet the DOT specification requirements, such as having a fold-down windshield instead of a glass DOT-approved one with a windshield wiper. You can see a selection of non-street legal golf carts by clicking here. Bintelli offers models ranging from two to eight passengers.

Some vehicles can appear to be street-legal, but are considered too large for street-legal purposes, which is often the case with electric shuttles for sale. An LSV cannot have a gross weight that exceeds 3000 lbs., so many larger shuttles are too heavy to meet this requirement. Bintelli’s shuttles range from nine to twenty nine passengers.

At Bintelli, we offer street-legal electric vehicles ranging from 2-passengers to 8-passengers. We also offer non-street legal models in these configurations for people who plan to use their vehicle only for personal or business use, but not for use on public roads. Our shuttles also cannot be used on public roads, since they exceed the weight limit for street-legal vehicles, which is the case for almost every shuttle manufacturer out there.

Again, check the laws in your area first if you are looking to purchase a street-legal vehicle! Although our street-legal models meet the federal requirements, not every local government may allow LSV’s to be registered in their area. If you are not planning to use your vehicle on public roads, you many not need a street-legal electric vehicle, which could save you some hassle!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our golf cart dealership at (866) 542-8677. Bintelli builds all of its electric vehicles in South Carolina and ships its golf carts, street legal golf carts, and electric shuttles worldwide!