Suzuki Announces ATV Lineup for 2023

Suzuki, a powersports machine manufacturer, recently announced their ATV lineup for 2023. In this article, we explore what the new four wheelers have to offer, as well as how the all terrain vehicle models are similar to each other.


Cheap Used Suzuki ATVs


As we mentioned above, Suzuki, also known as Suzuki Motor USA LLC, disclosed their ATV lineup for 2023. However, what we did not mention is the fact that the four wheelers in question are going to be the next iteration of the KingQuad and QuadSport series. For those unfamiliar, the former catalog typically includes high-quality adult ATVs, whereas the latter usually features safety-enhanced, kids four wheelers.


Childrens Four Wheelers


To-date, there are two kids ATV models in the 2023 Suzuki lineup. These quads feature a yellow frame accentuated by red and blue highlights, as well as a black undercarriage highlighted by silver components. 


Other shared attributes are showcased below.


  • Designed to help youth ATVers learn how to drive
  • Throttle limiter
  • Key ignition switch
  • Automatic transmission


That said, beyond these characteristics, the non-cheap quads are pretty different. To elaborate, the Youth Quadsport Z50 is designed for little ones that are six years old or older, whereas the Youth Quadsport Z90 is better suited for youngsters that are at least twelve. 


Adult ATVs For Sale


Now that we know more about the new youth four wheelers from Suzuki, let us take a look at the adult ATV models in the 2023 lineup. These powersports machines are divided into three categories. The KingQuad 400s, 500s, and 750s. 


And although this naming convention suggests each model is unique, it is important to note almost all of the four wheelers in the KingQuad series share the following characteristics.


  • Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine
  • Button on dashboard makes it possible to switch between 2WD and 4WD
  • Automatic transmission
  • Advanced engine braking system
  • Front and rear cargo covers or racks
  • 35W headlight mounted to handlebar
  • LCD dashboard panel with speedometer, odometer, driving range and modes


In addition, each of the new Suzuki ATVs for adults are gas powered four wheelers.


Non-Cheap Suzuki KingQuad 400s


Digits are often added to the title of a powersports machine to highlight how many Cubic Centimeters are inside an engine. Nevertheless, all terrain vehicle manufacturers have a habit of rounding up the size rather than explicitly stating the exact CC measurement. For example, the KingQuad 400s are equipped with a 376cc engine.


To make up for this smaller size, Suzuki bestowed the ATV with a Pulse-secondary AIR-injection system. Thanks to this feature, the KingQuad 400 models are able to get the most out of their 4.2 gallon tank without producing a large quantity of carbon emissions.


Gas Powered ATVs


The last two batches of KingQuads in the 2023 lineup are the 500s and the 750s. Akin to the 400s, both titles feature numbers that refer to the amount of CCs rounded up. Or to put it another way, the 500s come with a 493cc engine, and the 750s come with a 722cc motor. As for similarities, the aforementioned ATV models share the attributes highlighted below.


  • Advanced Suzuki Fuel Injection
  • Override button to bypass speed limiter when stuck in mud
  • 4.6 gallon tank
  • Can tow up to 1,322 lbs


All terrain vehicle fans eager to find out why the starting price of the KingQuad 500s is about $1,000 less than the 750s are encouraged to visit the Suzuki website.


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