Take This Floating Golf Cart Onto Water

As of date, there is no brand name golf cart on the market that the capable of floating on water. Due to this, you will not be able to find a waterproof Ezgo, Club Car, LSV, or lifted golf cart anywhere. Nevertheless, there is a floating golf cart available online.

Matter of fact, those that opt to purchase said cart are able to forward some of the payment automatically to Covid-19 relief fundraisers. 

Ready to find out more about the amazing aforementioned floating golf cart? Read on!


Sharing Joy in a Pandemic

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, many non-essential businesses were shut down. Of those that were able to remain open, the customer engagement portion of the business model was limited or eliminated altogether. 

One such industry forced to comply with this arrangement is the golfing industry.

Although this was tactic was done as a precautionary measurement to keep golfers safe, it does not change the fact that many were left unable to participate in their favorite pastime.

To take some of the sting out of the unwanted situation, Funboy developed a floating golf cart. This delightful pool accessory is amusing to see and even shares a few similarities with real LSVs. For example, you could describe it as a two seater golf cart with extended leg room. 

We jest, however, there is really room for two on the floating golf cart and occupants are able to lounge comfortably. Other nifty features are listed below.

  • Two reinforced cup holders
  • Back support
  • Awning with removable side shade
  • Anchor like capabilities making it possible to secure the floating golf cart in one place
  • Ring handles for easy maneuvering

Needless to say, this novel, albeit goofy pool float may be just what you need to lighten the mood. Those interested in buying the floating golf cart from Funboy will be happy to know the device can be inflated, or deflated, within 2-minutes, and it is available for under $150 when shipping is factored in.

In case you are not familiar with the company, Funboy is a pool float manufacturer focused on bringing joy to people around the world. We here at Bintelli wanted to share the discovery of this amusing floatation device to help alleviate some of the mental stress associated with Covid-19.

However, bringing a smile to the faces of golf cart enthusiasts is not the only reason we wanted to share the floating golf cart with our readers. 

For every online purchase, Funboy is donating 20% to Feeding America. Thanks to this non-profit organization, millions of Americans are able to get the food they desperately need right now thanks to donators across the nation.

That said, if you are uncomfortable with the website’s limited donation options, be sure to grab a floating golf cart from Funboy. Although the float is a far cry from that cool golf cart you had your eye on, the amusing item is likely to bring a smile to your face all the same, and a meal to a hungry American on down the line.

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