The Most Expensive LSV of 2021

Cadillac golf carts are known to be luxury LSVs. Despite this exclusive status, the high-quality machines are not the most expensive models out there. Read on to find out which golf cart is the most expensive LSV of 2021.


Garia SuperSport


Finding a cheap cadillac golf cart for sale online is pretty challenging. When faced with this information, many golf cart enthusiasts consider the LSVs to be expensive, if not the most expensive model available. In an effort to eliminate this urban legend, check out the SuperSport from Garia. 


This luxury LSV simply oozes class, sophistication, and supreme comfort.


At first glance, the SuperSport looks like an electric two seater car, minus the doors. However, upon further inspection golf cart enthusiasts can become mesmerized by all the extra features this premium LSV has tucked away. 


But before we dive into that lengthy list, check out the general specs.


  • Carbon fiber panels and roof
  • 14″ aluminium rims
  • Waterproof genuine leather backrest, armrests, handrails, and bench seat
  • LED headlights and tail lamps
  • Faux front grill with golf ball dimple design
  • Curved windscreen
  • Window wipers


On their own, the features above are not enough to warrant the MSRP, which is a whopping $73,000 plus tax.


Golf Cart Performance and Features


To earn that five-digit asking price, Garia packed the SuperSport with everything a golf cart fan could ever want. For example, the 2021 golf cart features the most powerful motor ever used in a LSV. Thanks to the impressive power output, the SuperSport can go about 43 mph. 


Or at least, it would if Garia was not required to implement a 25 mph speed cap on devices delivered to the United States. Be sure to take that into consideration before ordering this LSV. 


Those undeterred by the speed limiter may be delighted to know the SuperSport comes with a large lithium battery. Thanks to the size and internal makeup of the aforementioned energy capsule, the fuel cell can house 200 amp hours, which typically covers 50 miles per charge. As impressive as the engine and battery is, these components are not enough to warrant an almost six figure MSRP. However, when combined with the following items, the asking price jumps to astronomical numbers.


  • Built-in fridge
  • Seatbelts
  • Front disc brakes
  • Plus sign on gas pedal, minus sign on brake
  • Golf ball and tee tray
  • Multisize cup holder for both driver and passenger
  • Emblem stating “Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style” in three places
  • Hand-stitched steering wheel
  • Reverse camera
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capable
  • Speakers and subwoofer
  • Outdoor 10.1 inch touch screen


As an added bonus, the aforementioned display panel features the following.


  • Real time vehicle data
  • Easy touch switch to change from golf course to street performance requirements
  • Odometer trip functions
  • Refrigerator regulator, such as on/off switch
  • Warning symbols
  • Other informative announcements
  • Heater for windscreen
  • Wiper and washer
  • Power regeneration while in motion


Those hoping to acquire a custom golf cart that is in the 5-figure range should check out Bintelli.


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