Top 10 Movies With Golf Cart Scenes

Low speed vehicles, also known as LSVs, are often used on movie sets to shuttle actors and actresses around. By doing so, directors can ensure actors are safely escorted to their destination on time and in a stress-free manner. 


That said, this is not the only way LSVs are used in movies. On occasion, limo golf carts, EZ Gos, and Club Cars are utilized in the film to enhance a scene or enrich the plot. 


In this article, we take a look at the top 10 movies that show a golf cart on screen.


Taylor-Dunn Tee-Bird


“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is a Quentin Tarantino film about an actor and their stunt double. To market the movie to audiences, Brad Pitt, the lead actor, is shown sitting on a yellow Taylor-Dunn Tee-Bird. Later on, this same golf cart resurfaces in the film from a different angle.


Club Car DS


“The Wolf of Wall Street” sounds like a movie that would never have a golf cart in it. Nevertheless, there is a golf course scene where a Club Car DS is used. Based on the appearance, the golf car in question is a stock model no modifications.


1979 Yamaha G1


Five years after the 1979 Yamaha G1 was released, a custom variation of the model appeared in the first “Police Academy”.


Yamaha Drive


In the 2016 movie known as “La La Land”, Mia, the main character, watches an actress leave in a Yamaha Drive.


1995 E-Z-Go Medalist


“Space Jam”, a basketball film, is a popular 90s movie about real life athletes shooting hoops with aliens and Looney Toons. In one of the scenes, a 1995 E-Z-Go Medalist was used. LSV fans may be delighted to know this fun little Easter egg since the model was not available for long. 




“I Love You, Man”, a romantic comedy, follows the journey a friendless groom takes to find a best man for the upcoming wedding. During the quest, the main actor plays a round of golf with a potential friend, and the pair utilize a Ez GO TXT.


Harley-Davidson DE 4


For golf cart fans that love James Bond movies, check out “Moonraker”. In the movie, there is a short scene where a custom Harley-Davidson DE 4 is shown near a wooded area.


Western Elegante


Made to look like a mini car, the custom golf cart known as a Western Elegante appears in the 1991 film dubbed “Grand Canyon”.


Club Car Precedent


Released in 2011, “Melancholia” is a sci-fi drama about two sisters doing their best to survive an end of the world scenario. While the siblings figure out how to deal with the situation, see if you can spot the Club Car Precedent. 


Yamaha G9


“Leave No Trace”, a father daughter movie, takes place in Portland, Oregon. During the film, the family lives in an urban park utilizing an RV and a Yamaha G9.


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