Top Bintelli Golf Cart Accessories

One of the best ways to personalize a golf cart is to add on LSV related accessories. These innovative, creative add-ons come in a wide variety, and many offer unique benefits to boot. That said, having a huge array of LSV accessory options can be overwhelming, especially when seeking a golf cart related gift for Labor Day or any other holiday. Taking this into consideration, we created the following guide to make the shopping process a bit easier to complete.


Solar Roof Kit


Solar power can be utilized in almost every gas powered LSV and electric golf cart. Thanks to the aforementioned versatility, gifters may want to consider gifting an LSV owner a Bintelli Solar Roof Kit. In case you are not familiar, the Solar Roof Kit from Bintelli can be used to extend battery life, and increase the amount of miles covered per charge.


Bintelli Electric Heater


Chilly, early morning golf cart rides and wintertime LSV excursions can be fun. If, that is, the cabin of the EzGo, Club Car, or limo golf cart being utilized is kept warm. Gifters hoping to bequeath such a splendid sensation to an LSV owner may want to consider gifting them a Bintelli Electric Heater.


BREEZeasy Cooling Blower


Overheating can be super uncomfortable at best, and deadly at worst. Therefore, gifting an LSV air conditioner to a golf cart owner may be a life saver. If this sounds like an ideal present, consider buying a Bintelli BREEZeasy Cooling Blower. The BREEZeasy fits into almost every EZ Go, Club Car, and luxury LSV, thus taking some of the guesswork out of the gifting process.


Rain Enclosure


Ensure a golf cart owner is able to stay dry inside the cabin of their LSV by bequeathing them a Bintelli Rain Enclosure. This shield wraps around the outside of a low speed vehicle and tends to prevent rain from getting in. As an added bonus, the enclosure can also be utilized to actively trap warm or cold air inside the cabin.


Wheelchair Carrier


Low speed vehicles make it possible for people to mosey around town. Unfortunately, the mobility freedom generated by LSVs often ends in the parking lot. since low speed vehicles typically cannot be used inside stores. Gifters may be able to bridge this gap in coverage by gifting a LSV owner with a Bintelli Wheelchair Carrier.


Backup Camera


Rear view cameras can be used to reduce the odds of an accident. Therefore, caring shoppers may want to gift a Bintelli Backup Camera to their favorite golf cart owner. As the name implies, this rear view system generates a detailed view of what is going on behind a low speed vehicle. 


Since the unique vantage point eliminates most blind spots, the combo can be used to prevent accidents, and comes with the following.


  • 4.3” LCD display screen
  • Waterproof HD camera with night vision
  • Screen and camera mounting gear
  • 9V-12V DC single power supply connector


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