Top Electric Trikes in 2021

Utter the word tricycle, and the image of a three wheeled children’s bike is likely to come to mind. This common phenomenon is rather unfortunate when one considers the adult friendly perks trikes offer, such as improved balance. In an effort to eliminate some of the stigma surrounding the use of electric trikes, we cover the top electric trikes in 2021 down below.


eWheels EW-29


Cyclists seeking an e trike for daytime cargo hauling may want to check out the eWheels EW-29. This electric trike has a huge wire basket in the back and a deep bucket in the front, which is ideal for transporting items of various sizes. That said, the e trike lacks the safety gear needed to cruise around at night. 


If the aforementioned trade-off is acceptable, check out the specifications and features below.


  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Max speed of 15 mph
  • Gets 20 mpc
  • Utilizes a 500 w hub motor
  • 10.5 Ah lithium ion battery
  • Front and back fenders


As an added bonus, the $2,000 eWheels EW-29 comes with free shipping.


Motan M-350


The Motan M-350 is a fat tire e trike that is designed for taking short cuts across uneven terrain. That said, since this electric tricycle can be thrown off-balanced if a slope is too steep, it is not considered to be an e mountain bike. 


Nevertheless, the Motan M-350 does offer quite a few features and awesome specifications.


  • Bafang 750W front hub motor
  • Suspension fork
  • Seat suspension to reduce fatigue related to sitting
  • 48 V battery
  • 60 mpc on average
  • Max speed of 25 mph
  • 450 lbs load capacity
  • 5 level pedal assist
  • Comes with a free waterproof bag
  • Integrated headlight and taillight
  • Weighs 97 lbs
  • Seat backrest
  • Rust resistant chain
  • Front fender
  • 7 speed Shimano derailleur


To procure the 2021 Motan M-350, be prepared to pay almost $3,000.


Bintelli Trio Electric Trike


As we mentioned above, riding an e trike may be ideal for those who are balance impaired. Taking this into consideration, Bintelli created the Trio Electric Trike. This model features Bintelli Turn Assist, or BTA, which enhances turning maneuverability and reduces the odds of becoming unbalanced. Additional features and specifications are below.


  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • Weight limit of 300 lbs
  • Weighs only 102 lbs
  • Comes with a large basket in the back and a bucket in the front
  • Has front and back fenders
  • Step-through design
  • LCD digital display
  • Velvo rubber grips
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 48v 500 w brushless, front-mounted hub motor
  • Gets about 30 mpc
  • Recharges in about 5-hours
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • Tektro 160mm disc brakes
  • 7 speed Shimano gear shifter
  • Pedal assist system


To further sweeten the deal, Bintelli offers free shipping. However, it is important to note this deal is only available to those located in the lower 48 states. Electric trike fans interested in finding out more about this $2,200 ebike may do so here.


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