Top Golf Cart Accessories For Dog Owners

Bringing a dog along for an LSV joyride can be a rewarding experience. However, this simple delight can be interrupted if a furry friend lacks proper safety gear. Dog owners hoping to avoid such an annoyance may want to consider buying the following LSV accessories.


Lookout Dog Golf Cart Seat


The Lookout Dog Golf Cart Seat from Snoozer is a pet bed that is specifically designed for LSV rides. To achieve this feat, Snoozer sculpted memory foam into a small box shape and wrapped the cushion in a removeable, machine washable, lambswool padding. 


From there, the golf cart pet seat manufacturer added on a securement strap that is designed to work with seat belts. Thanks to the hidden safety feature, LSV owners can bring their pup along for a golf cart ride without having to worry about the soft, fluffy bed flying away. 


For more information about this low speed vehicle accessory, visit the Snoozer website.




Dog owners with picky canines that insist on walking alongside an LSV may want to consider buying a K9Caddy®. This vet approved pet accessory from Golf Cart Dog is designed to hold the ends of up to three leashes. Dog owners can leverage this design to “walk” their dogs at a safe distance away from EZ gos, Club Cars, and luxury four seater golf cars. 


Other perks are listed hereafter.


  • K9Caddy® absorbs shock
  • Accessory straps onto the top of most golf cart roofs
  • Works with chest harnesses


To procure this golf cart accessory, anticipate paying about $140.


Kurgo® Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness


Street legal golf carts often have seat belts equipped. LSV owners lucky enough to have the aforementioned gear installed can utilize the safety device in their pursuit of bringing a pet along for the ride. 


However, it is important to note that seat belts are designed for humans, and thus should not be the only safety gear used to keep pets safe inside a low speed vehicle. 


Taking this into consideration, pup owners may want to procure and install the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness. This $45 golf cart accessory deal includes a carabiner, 10-inch dog seat tether, and a padded chest harness.


Kurgo® Direct to Seat Belt Tether


Dog owners that already have a chest harness may want to consider saving a few dollars and getting the Kurgo® Direct to Seat Belt Tether for $15. Unlike the freebie tether that comes with the Kurgo Tru-Fit harness, the standalone Direct to Seat Belt Tether is 22-inches long and connects directly to traditional seat belts.


K9 Co-Pilot Doggie Seat Leash


Letting a furry companion sit in the middle of a golf cart seat reduces the odds of the pet falling off the side of an LSV. However, unless the animal is strapped in they may be able to exit the low speed vehicle from the front or back of the golf cart. To prevent this unwanted behavior, grab the Doggie Seat Leash from K9 Co-Pilot.


This golf cart accessory package features an adjustable leash with two swivel eye snap hook ends and a 45-inch strap. When the aforementioned items are combined with a chest harness, the mixture of components transforms into a pet-friendly seatbelt safety system. 


LSV owners hoping to procure this golf cart accessory can anticipate paying about $49.


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