Top Golf Cart Battery Chargers of 2020

Novel uses for golf carts have emerged over the last few decades. As a result, low speed vehicles, or LSVs, are no longer bound to golf courses. Instead, street legal golf carts are being used to zoom around neighborhoods, travel across multi acre estates, and ferry groups around large venues or other events.


To reduce reliance on gas powered LSVs, many golf cart manufacturers have started developing electric golf carts. With them, a whole plethora of new equipment and tools are needed by consumers. One such item is battery chargers. 


Not Just Any Charger Will Do


Poorly made chargers offered at a low price often lack key internal components. Although this can be a minor issue, faulty wiring and a lack of technological features can lead to overheating or arguably worse, explosions. This, in turn, can damage batteries or items nearby. Given how expensive lifted, limo, and luxury golf carts are, LSV enthusiasts are encouraged to invest in high-quality chargers for new or used low speed vehicles.


The Right Charger Can Extend Battery Life


As we mentioned above, poorly made chargers can overheat. This significant loss of energy is known to shorten battery life. Conversely, well-made chargers ferry electricity to its destination without losing energy via excessive heat. When combining this trait with other best practices, such as not letting a battery die, LSV owners can potentially extend the life of a battery. 


That said, if you are looking into buying a Bintelli golf cart or searching online for “Club Car parts near me”, be sure to invest in one of the following battery chargers as well.


Universal Plug-ins


If you are into customization, check out Accusense Charge®. The company website offers a wide range of voltage and cable options for the battery chargers they sell. To further supplement the deal, these units come with the following features free of charge.


  • Built-in processor determines which battery is hooked up and provide the appropriate energy transfer rates
  • Comes equipped with USB to allow users to update processor software as needed
  • Turns self off when item is fully charged
  • Housed in a weatherized case


To find out more information about this 30 lbs charger, go here.


Top Lightweight Golf Cart Charger


To keep things simple, FORM Charge sells chargers as brand name kits. To elaborate, the manufacturer labels each 5.5 lbs charger as a brand specific kit. By doing so, consumers can quickly find the golf cart model they use and get the right wire. However, this method does deter potential shoppers from making a purchase if the brand model is not listed. 


Nevertheless, if you are interested in picking up this charger, the average price appears to be $289.95 and the package comes with the following.


  • Plug-in-Forget charging technology
  • 16 ft power cables for long-range energy transfer
  • Offers 18 AMPs which covers a wide range of amperage needs


For more information about FORM Charge golf cart battery chargers, go here.


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