Top Golf Cart Body Kits in 2021

Overtime, LSVs, or low speed vehicles, wear down. As this cosmetic shimmer starts to fade, golf cart owners may find themselves seeking novel ways to renovate their Ezgo, Club Car, lifted or luxury LSV. 


Of these possible solutions, the most glamorous method is to install a golf cart body kit.


What is a Golf Cart Body Kit?


Most golf cart body kits consist of side panels and a front grill. In general, this is everything an LSV owner needs to change the appearance of a low speed vehicle. However, upon closer inspection, it is rather easy to tell the renovated golf cart is the same vehicle. 


Golf cart owners hoping to make the cosmetic update less noticeable may want to install a body kit that comes with the items below.


  • Head and tail lights
  • Electrical wiring
  • Roof to match new colors
  • Back exterior cover
  • Matching seats


Bear in mind, the extras listed above do increase the final price. 


To get a better idea of just how much these little additions cost, check out the cheapest full body kits on our list: the MadJax ALPHA and HAVOC.




Available for $515, both the ALPHA and HAVOC golf cart body kits come with the following.


  • Front body cowl section
  • Honeycomb pattern off-road grill
  • Bumpers
  • Fenders
  • Front automotive style LED headlights
  • Plug in play wire harness


As an added bonus, the non-electrical components listed above are scratch-resistant and feature a high-gloss, clear coat finish. That said, the MadJax golf cart body kits appear to only be compatible with the Yamaha Drive and Club Car Precedent. In addition, assembly is required for both golf cart body kits.


MadJax Storm


For roughly $1,400, EZGO TXT golf cart owners can transform their stock model LSV into a somewhat unique low speed vehicle. To warrant the four digit price tag, the following components are shipped in the golf cart body kit.


  • Front cowl
  • Black grill
  • Rear body piece
  • Bagwell close-out panel
  • Street legal light kit


To elaborate on the light kit a bit, this includes the wiring, front and back LED lights. That said, the “street legal” label does not mean it is enough to turn a EZ GO TXT into a street legal golf cart. Additional parts, such as side mirrors, need to be equipped as well to achieve the aforementioned goal.


Custom Golf Cart Body Kits


There are plenty of cheap golf cart body kits online, and many look the same. As a result, there is a decent chance that local neighbors are going to buy the same cheap LSV body kit. To add insult to injury, many of the inexpensive golf cart body kits do not make it possible for LSV owners to personalize their low speed vehicle.


Those hoping to bypass aforementioned dilemmas may want to check out the body kits from Custom Golf Cart Body. They offer a plethora of kit options ranging from classic cars to modern day vehicles, and packages start at $2,300.


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