Top Golf Cart Mirrors in 2021

Adding fancy golf cart mirrors to an LSV is a great way to showcase style and sophistication. However, accomplishing this same task without spending a ton of cash transforms the humble customization project into a brag worthy achievement. LSV owners hoping to be the latter rather than the former should check out the luxury golf cart mirrors listed below.


RecPro™ Golf Cart Mirrors


Hoping to turn an EZGO, Club Car, or lifted LSV into a fancy street legal golf cart? Equip the device with RecPro™ Golf Cart mirrors! These side mirrors feature two LED lights, one on the front and the back, as well as a “plug n play” connector. Thanks to this design, the side mirrors may be used to transform any LSV into a custom street legal golf cart. Shoppers hoping to purchase the product online may do so for about $40, plus shipping and handling.


HKOO Rearview Mirror


Being able to see a wide posterior view while operating a motorized vehicle is important for safety related reasons. Taking this into consideration, HKOO made a giant rearview mirror that expands the width of most LSV cabins. Other noteworthy features are below.


  • Device is split into four panels to make repair jobs as painless as possible
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with mounting brackets and other hardware
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-shake


That said, it is important to note this $29 mirror is designed to show the true distance of an object, which can take some time to get used to. 


Personalized Golf Cart Mirror


Let’s face it. Great minds think alike! As a result, there is a decent chance LSV fans are going to procure the same golf cart as their neighbor or friend. Although this can lead to some humorous situations in a local parking lot, it can also turn into a very dire event due to keys. 


To elaborate, golf cart manufacturers tend to use the same key on all models. Thanks to this streamlined approach, it is possible for LSV enthusiasts to accidentally drive the wrong golf cart home. To avoid any confusion, consider getting a personalized golf cart mirror.


These novel devices can have different emblems, symbols, or words, such as a family surname, engraved into them, and they come with easy-to-install, non-vibrating mounting gear. As an added bonus, by adding this personalizable product to an LSV, device owners can transform the motorized vehicle into a custom golf cart, thus making it easy to identify who it belongs to. 


For more information about this $24 product, go here.


Folding Side Mirrors


Folding mirrors can be a life saver for those who tend to misjudge distances from time to time. In case you are not familiar with why, these reflective devices are equipped to a folding mount that responds to pressure by moving, rather than allowing the external force to crack the mirror.


To procure a pair of folding side mirrors for under $20, check out the deal offered by BETOOLL.


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