Top Golf Cart Related Gifts of 2020

Holiday shopping is challenging. To take some of the stress out of the event, many turn to themed gift giving. In case you are not familiar, this charitable method is achieved by gifting items related to a pastime a person takes part in. Although the shopping tactic is viable in most cases, it is not foolproof. 


For example, when a person buys a Bintelli golf cart, it does not mean it will be used on the golf course. Taking this into consideration, shoppers are encouraged to focus on buying gifts related to the new or used golf cart, rather than items involving the sport. To get a better idea of what is available, we created the following 2020 guide.


Custom Golf Cart Seats


Even if you buy the LSV in the aftermarket, buying an EZ Go, Club Car, or limo golf cart can be expensive. As a result, many golf cart enthusiasts forego luxuries such as custom golf cart seats. Savvy gifters can capitalize on this by gifting custom seats, such as those from Lazy Life. To-date, they provide a wide range of seat options, such as the following.


  • Unique stitching patterns
  • 16 different thread color options
  • More than 50 seat fabrics to choose from
  • Offer embroidery services


For more information, be sure to check out the full range of customization options here.


Personalized LSV Steering Wheels


Concept 2 Reality offers a wide range of sophisticated steering wheels. To aptly supplement these gorgeous devices, the steering wheel manufacturer offers a bountiful amount of personalization options, such as Corvette style. That said, these high-quality navigation objects start at $235.


Golf Cart GPS Tracker


After buying a new or used golf cart, the thrill of the purchase may leave LSV owners a bit blindsided when it comes to security. Be sure to have their back by gifting them a golf cart GPS tracker, such as the one from LoneStarTracking. After hooking the device up to a Club Car, EZGO, or lifted golf cart, the tracker achieves the following.


  • Keeps tabs on battery levels
  • Records operator driving behavior
  • Reports LSV location to mobile app


In addition, some models come with extra features, such as a built-in camera or solar panel, and there is no monthly payment required.


Unique License Plate


For those looking for an inexpensive golf cart related gift, check out the license plates from BleuReign. They are currently the number one purchase in Amazon’s “Gift Ideas in Golf Cart Accessories”, however, there are way more customization options on the BleuReign website. That said, it is important to note these designer plates are not to be used in lieu of a real plate.


Soothing Music via Bluetooth


Treat your friends or family to music on LSV journeys via a waterproof, bluetooth speaker from Bose. This $100 accessory comes in three shades, is rechargeable, and cranks out impressive volume despite its small size. The device also includes a powerful microphone that is capable of picking up voice commands from 30 feet away.


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