Top Golf Cart Seat Belts in 2021

According to the CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half”. Taking this into consideration, it should come as no surprise that golf car owners add safety belts to their seatbeltless LSVs. Find out more about this predicament, and review the top low speed vehicle seat belts in 2021 below.


Bintelli Beyond 4PR Street Legal Golf Cart


As we mentioned above, golf cart manufacturers do not always install seat belts on the low speed vehicles they produce. This manufacturing decision accomplishes three things. 


  • Keeps golf car MSRPs down
  • Increases LSV sales
  • Leaves the choice of whether to install golf cart seat belts up to the new LSV owner


But as one can imagine, not everyone wants to mod their Ez Go, Club Car, or luxury golf cart. 


LSV fans finding themselves in this predicament may want to check out the Bintelli Beyond 4PR Street Legal Golf Cart. As the name implies, this luxury low speed vehicle can be legally used on most streets in the USA. This legal status is due in part to the inclusion of DOT safety gear, such as seat belts.


For more information about this four seater golf cart, go here.


MODZ Universal Golf Cart Retractable Seat Belt Combo


Golf cart owners hoping to transform their powersports machine into a street legal LSV are required to install quite a few safety related items. Of these accessories, arguably the most time consuming to install is seat belts. Knowing this, MODZ developed an easy-to-install, universal seat belt kit. This $106 set weighs 4 lbs, and comes with the following.


  • Four retractable golf cart seat belts with mounting gear
  • Extra long seat belts
  • Universal mounting bracket


That said, there are a few noteworthy drawbacks. For example, some drilling may be required, and the kit has a Prop 65 Warning. For those unfamiliar, the Prop 65 label is issued when a product exposes an LSV fan to chemicals that cause cancer. 


Be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


Yescom Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts


Low speed vehicle fans seeking a golf cart seat belt kit that does not have a Prop 65 Warning may want to check out the Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts from Yescom. This $92 set comes with four, 42” long retractable seat belts, as well as everything needed to install the safety gear onto the following powersports machines.


  • EZGo TXT
  • Club Car DS
  • Other luxury LSVs of similar design


To expand on that last bullet point, as of typing this, there are only two low speed vehicles the Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts do not fit. The Club Car Precedent and the Yamaha G29 Drive. 


10L0L Golf Cart 4 Passenger Retractable Seat Belt Kit


Unfortunately, the four seater golf cart seat belt kit from 10L0L does not fit the Club Car Precedent and Yamaha G29 Drive either. To add insult to injury, the Golf Cart 4 Passenger Retractable Seat Belt Kit is more expensive too. For those that can look past these minor grievances, here is a quick review of what this $99 golf cart seat belt kit comes with.


  • Easy-to-install 33.8″ long bracket
  • Four retractable, 42″ long seat belts
  • Snap in and out buckles
  • Related installation gear


On the plus side, the Golf Cart 4 Passenger Retractable Seat Belt Kit from 10L0L is federally certified, and currently has a 4.5 star rating generated by 417 reviews on Amazon.


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