Top Golf Cart Upgrades in 2022

Buying a cheap custom golf carts can be expensive. Knowing this, low speed vehicle fans often opt to buy a cheap LSV and periodically update the powersports machine with new gear, as well as technological features. EZGo, Club Car, and four seater golf cart enthusiasts that find this concept ideal are encouraged to read on as we explore the top golf cart upgrades in 2022.


Weatherproof Low Speed Vehicles


The urge to go joyriding in a powersports machine tends to strike year round. LSV fans hoping to comfortably indulge in this harmless impulse may be able to do by weatherproofing their cheap used golf cart. 


To achieve the aforementioned task, consider installing the following on a low speed vehicle.



That said, it is important to note additional golf cart batteries may be needed to power the last three items.


Boost Power Potential of Used Golf Carts


As we mentioned above, golf cart accessories typically require more energy from LSV batteries than the stock energy units are able to give. Luxury golf car fans interested in addressing this issue early on may want to consider installing lithium-ion energy capsules. 


By doing so, low speed vehicle owners may be able to increase the power potential of their cheap used golf cart, as well as achieve the following.


  • Decrease the weight of the 6 seater LSV
  • Improve fuel-efficiency
  • Lower fuel expenses


As an added bonus, the average lifespan of a lithium-ion golf cart battery is about five years.


Evolve LSVs Into Street Legal Golf Carts


Owners of EzGos, Club Cars, and other used LSVs may be able to drive their powersports machine on local roads. However, to do so legally the following items may need to be installed.


  • Head, tail, and turn lights
  • LSV side and rear mirrors
  • Seat belt
  • Horn


That said, golf car regulations vary from state to state so be sure to check out the local LSV laws in your area.


Prep Cheap Luxury Golf Carts For Off-Roading


Driving on uneven, non-asphalt terrain can damage the delicate components housed in the undercarriage of a gas powered low speed vehicle. To bypass this issue, LSV fans prep their golf cart for off-roading by installing the gear below.


  • Large, off-road golf cart tires
  • Low speed vehicle lift kit
  • Bigger suspension system
  • Plump LSV shocks


Golf cart enthusiasts aiming to implement this upgrade are also encouraged to keep a few safety flares inside the cabin in case the low speed vehicle gets stuck in mud.


Transform Low Speed Vehicles Into Party Limos


Six seater golf carts are designed to transport groups of people from one place to another. And as one can imagine, this feature can be used to earn money. Limo LSV owners interested in achieving the aforementioned task may be able to do so in a profitable manner by installing colorful LED lights, as well as a music system and beverage cooler.


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