Top Golf Carts of 2021

Golf carts offer people a way to travel in an inexpensive, eco-friendly manner. Thanks to these delightful traits, LSVs are becoming more prevalent in communities across the United States. To address this growing trend in the market, golf cart manufacturers are producing a wide range of LSV models.


To find out which of these low speed vehicles are the top golf carts of 2021, read on.


Bintelli Beyond 4PR Lifted Golf Cart


Advertised as a street legal golf cart, the Bintelli Beyond 4PR is a lifted, 4-seater LSV packed with loads of perks. For example, the fully loaded device features an aluminum frame, LED lights, and an AC motor, plus the items in the list below.


  • 23” tires
  • Three point DOT seat belts
  • Extended roof
  • Head and tail lights
  • Turn signals
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Rear camera
  • 4-wheel Hydraulic brakes
  • Two USB ports
  • Windshield and wipers


As an added bonus, the Beyond 4PR offers LSV fans the performance specs listed hereafter.


  • 800 lbs capacity
  • Top speed of 25 mph
  • Gets about 35 miles per charge


Those interested in procuring the street legal golf cart from Bintelli may be delighted to know this particular model is available in six different colors. More information may be obtained here.


Garia Luxury Golf Cart


Another street legal golf cart worth checking out is the Garia Luxury LSV. This golf car is a 2-seater model embedded with luxury features, such as an ice bucket drain system in the dashboard. Other noteworthy fixtures in the dash include USB outlets, as well as a holder mount for tees and golf balls. 


To make the LSV appealing to both golfers and non-golfers, Garia bestowed the golf car with the following.


  • Storage compartment behind seat
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Two cup holders
  • Mudguards
  • Horn
  • LED head and tail lights


As for performance, the Garia Luxury golf car has a top speed of 25 mph and a 40 mile per charge range. In addition, a max capacity of 770 lbs is advertised, however, whether this haul size can be transported all 40 miles per charge is unknown as of date. 


To find out more about this $19,999 LSV, check out the Garia website here.


Yamaha Drive2 Super Hauler


As the name implies, the Drive2 is designed to haul cargo. LSV fans hoping to use this two-seater golf cart in the same manner as a pickup truck may be delighted to learn the feat is possible thanks to the massive 5.8’ x 3.9’ cargo bed. 


This portion of the golf car is capable of holding 800 lbs, and supported by a fully independent, automotive-style strut suspension system named Tru-Trak II™. 


To ensure the golf cart achieves a max speed of 19 mph, Yamaha equipped the gas powered golf cart with a single cylinder 402cc engine. This motor draws gasoline from a 5.5 gallon tank via an electric fuel injection system, and is reported to have a low fuel consumption rate.


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