Top Halloween Decorations For Golf Carts in 2021

Summer has ended, and autumn is finally upon us! With this annual changing of the seasons comes cool weather, warm apple cider, and holiday festivities. To prepare for the first of these delightful seasonal events, savvy golf cart owners purchase, and utilize, the following LSV Halloween decorations.


Witch Crashing Into a Tree


Contrary to the name of the product, this Halloween decor is just a witch face-planting into something. As in, a tree is not included with the decoration. Nevertheless, owners of low speed vehicles can leverage the smooshed witch design by attaching the iconic Halloween decor to the front, side, or back of their golf cart. 


Giant Spider and Web


The Giant Spider and Web from Ausein is a solid Halloween decor option. This delightful package comes with a 12 ft spider web, two mini spiders, and a huge 4.1 ft spider. LSV owners can attach the massive decor to a six seater golf cart or a limo low speed vehicle in a place that allows onlookers to gawk and gasp at the Giant Spider as it does the following.


  • Responds to touch
  • Red eyes flash
  • Issue spooky sound
  • Vibrates


To procure this fuzzy, massive LSV Halloween decor, be prepared to pay $23.


Pirate Flag From Flaglink Store


Golf car owners that are dressing up as pirates for Halloween this year may want to check out “Dead Man’s Chest Skull Bones Jolly Roger Flag”. This creepy banner from the Flaglink Store is  3 feet tall, 4.8 feet wide, and only $8. As an added bonus, when the printed fabric is flown from the back of an EZ Go, Club Car, or limo golf cart the flag effortlessly enhances any pirate theme.


Big Removable Zombie Decals


Painting red splotches and bloody handprints onto a low speed vehicle takes a really a long time. Add in the fact it takes almost twice as long to remove said paint, and it is easy to see why LSV owners rarely decorate their golf carts in a zombie theme. 


For those brave individuals hoping to change the aforementioned statistic, consider getting the Bloody Handprint Clings Horror PVC Stickers Decals from KUUQA. This 4 piece pack includes clear PVC decals that each feature randomly placed bloody handprints and dark red splotches. 

Golf cart fans can utilize the $6 Halloween decor to “bloody-up” their low speed vehicle, and enhance their LSV zombie theme without the hassle associated with painting.


Pose-N-Stay Life Size Skeleton


Empty chairs on four seater golf carts and six seater low speed vehicles can distract onlookers from the Halloween decor. Taking this into consideration, low speed vehicle fans may want to fill their forlorn seats with Pose-N-Stay Life Size Skeletons from yosager Store. 


These 5 foot tall, posable plastic skeletons can be configured into sitting positions that are suitable for most LSVs. To further enhance the Halloween decor, yosager Store gave each lifelike Pose-N-Stay skeleton a set of glowing red eyes, and a red pirate bandana. For more information about this $76 Halloween decoration, go here.


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