Top LSV Fishing Rod Holders in 2022

With sustainability becoming a priority for many companies, it should not come as a surprise that some groceries are switching over to eco-friendly food sources. Of these resources, one of the most common methods sought out is good, ol’ fashioned fishing via a line and a pole. 


Low speed vehicle owners interested in possibly profiting off this trend may want to get a head start on the operation by installing one of the top LSV fishing rod holders in 2022.


DasMarine 316 Stainless Steel Wall Side Mounted Rod Holder


Club Car, Ezgo, and luxury 4 seater golf cart fans seeking a flashy fishing rod holder may want to check out the 316 Stainless Steel Rod Holder from DasMarine. As the name implies, this LSV fishing pole storage unit is stainless steel, and can be mounted onto almost any golf cart thanks to a thin, metal mounting beam. Other noteworthy attributes are highlighted hereafter.


  • Houses up to three rods with handles that have diameters of 2 inches or less
  • Mirror finish coat
  • Easy-to-install
  • Lacks sharp edges
  • Has no moving parts


Golf cart fans interested in purchasing this cheap LSV accessory may be delighted to know the fishing rod holder is only $22.


Golf Car Fishing Rod Holder


Made by Tideline Outfitters, the low speed vehicle gear known as the Fishing Rod Holder features a virtually rustproof, marine grade, aluminum mounting base, as well as a stylish matte black coat. And as an added bonus, the golf cart accessory comes with multiple storage areas, such as the following.


  • Space for up to three poles
  • Can hold up to seven lures in a hanging position
  • Slot for a knife
  • Plier notch


That said, this $60 golf car accessory is removable if a Quick Connect Bracket is purchased as well. To find out more about the Fishing Rod Holder from Tideline Outfitters, click here.


Seachoice 3-Rod Storage Holder


Regardless of how a golf cart fan fishes, all savvy fishers need a way to store their rods while traveling to their preferred fishing locations. To achieve the aforementioned task in style, LSV enthusiasts may want to consider buying the 3-Rod Storage Holder from Seachoice. Although this pole housing device is not removable, the golf cart accessory makes up for the minor setback by being able to house almost every fishing rod style.


Plus, the low speed vehicle fishing rod holder offers other perks, such as those listed below.


  • Two piece set can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Interior of the LSV accessory features closed cell foam inserts that gently cradle pole handles of various sizes
  • Made of durable, ABS, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, plastic which has an almost unattainable melting point of 221°F
  • Lightweight design does not significantly increase the fuel consumption rate of most gas powered LSVs or electric golf carts


And as if that was not impressive enough, golf car fans can buy this low speed vehicle fishing rod holder for just $17. For more information about this Seachoice LSV accessory, go here.


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