Top Single Seat Golf Buggies in 2022

People use a wide variety of names when referring to motorized devices known as low speed vehicles. Of these titles, golf car, cart, and buggy are the most popular phrases uttered when drawing attention to powersports machines that can be operated on a golf course. 


Unfortunately, the aforementioned generalization of LSV phrases has transformed the nomenclature into umbrella terms that include single seat, folding, electric low speed vehicles as well as luxury six seater golf carts. Although this effect is ideal in some situations, the grouping of low speed vehicle titles makes shopping online for electric LSVs a perplexing task. 


To alleviate some of the confusion, we created the following guide. Read on to discover the top single seat, folding, electric golf buggies in 2022.


Golf Quad


Golfing fans that enjoy ATVing may want to check out the single seat golf buggy from Golf Quad. This non street legal golf cart features a four wheeler body style that is capable of folding down into a more compact size. To achieve the novel feat, the golf cart manufacturer added hinges to the seat edges as well as to the base of the handlebar support panel.


Other noteworthy attributes are highlighted below.


  • Underseat storage space capable of housing a golf bag in the upright position
  • 25 Ah, removable, lithium battery compatible with any electric outlet
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Load capacity of 331 lbs
  • 48V engine with electromagnetic brake
  • Golf cart dimensions when open are 33” x 61” x 43”
  • Folds down to 33” x 61” x 24”
  • Gets about 12 miles per hour
  • Low speed vehicle fans can safely store the powersports machine in a vertical position


That said, there does not appear to be a publicized MSRP.


Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro


For those seeking a cheap golf cart that comes with awesome standard features, check out the Lithium 4000 Pro from Bugg-ease. This single seat golf buggy can be procured as either a golf cart or motorbike model, and both variations include the following.


  • 50Ah lithium ion battery
  • Can be operated year round thanks to all-weather tires
  • 28 miles per charge
  • 24V motor
  • Top speed of 10 mph
  • 8 hour recharge time
  • Automatic Braking System
  • Air sprung suspension
  • Mudguards
  • Adjustable basket and bag holder
  • Holder for an umbrella
  • Remote control


The Lithium 4000 Pro also comes with a 24-month warranty, and folds down to fit inside the trunk of most medium sized cars. However, since the single seat golf car weighs 159 lbs the electric powersports machine typically needs to be driven into a large vehicle prior to transport. For more information about this $2815 electric golf buggy, visit the Bugg-ease website.


Powercruise GF02-22 Electric Golf Buggy 


Made by Powercruise, the GF02-22 is the latest variation in the Electric Golf Buggy model line up. To ensure this single seat low speed vehicle stands out from older models, the golf cart manufacturer enhanced the stability and increased the load bearing capacity of the LSV. A few other highlights are listed below.


  • Leather seat
  • LSV tires are designed specifically for golf course riding
  • Deep front basket
  • Golf bag seat hook is adjustable and can support up to 66 lbs
  • Battery gauge display
  • Gets about 28 miles per charge


To find out more about the single seat golf buggy from Powercruise, click here.


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