Top Things to Look For in a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Regardless of whether a biker owns an e motorcycle or a gas powered sports bike, both powersports machine owners have something in common. The potential to have an accident that requires assistance from a lawyer. Bikers hoping to prepare for such an unwanted event may be able to do so by reviewing the following list of top things to look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer.


Ask Probing Questions


Motorcycle accident lawyers provide legal advice and representation to those that have experienced a sports bike crash. But despite this supportive disposition lies the cold hard fact that attorneys are not always as forthright as they seem. Taking this into consideration, bikers are encouraged to do a bit of due diligence prior to hiring a sports bike crash lawyer. 


A great way to kick-start the aforementioned task is to ask the following probing questions.


  • Has the lawyer handled similar cases or underwent relevant experience?
  • Are they willing to discuss the case in a free consultation online?
  • Does the lawyer exclusively handle motorcycle accident cases?
  • How many other cases does the legal representative have open right now?


Bear in mind, the inquiries listed above reveal more than just answers. For example, if a lawyer is willing to offer straightforward responses this trait can be indicative of hard-won experience, success, and respect.


Discuss Hidden Fees


Another tell tale sign to look for is the reflex issued in response to the subject of payment. See, lawyers know how to get paid for their services, and unfortunately, the fees are not always crystal clear. Therefore, it behooves bikers to ask a prospective lawyer how they get paid for their legal services, and then request a copy of the offer in writing to avoid complications.


For example, let us take a look at payment plans where the lawyer “only gets paid when you do”. During these contingency fee agreements, sports bike crash attorneys are typically stating their hourly rate is to be deducted from any settlements issued. Other fees, such as non-salary related expenses may still be charged regardless of case outcome.


And to add insult to injury, if an in-depth copy of a contingency fee agreement is not made then the legal representative in question may charge for their services regardless of case outcome.


Needless to say, sports bike crash lawyers that are willing to disclose payment methodology up front are likely worth collaborating with.


Request Feedback


Successful motorcycle accident lawyers want to know the details of a crash so they are armed with enough information to win the case and get paid. Taking this into consideration, it is safe to say that top tier attorneys are more likely to pay attention, ask probing questions, and jot down details about the case.


In the event a motorcycle accident lawyer does not achieve the previously mentioned tasks, consider requesting feedback. By doing so, bikers can observe how much information the prospective sports bike crash lawyer remembered, as well as the following.


  • How invested in the case the attorney is
  • If the legal representative is overworked
  • Willingness to cooperate
  • Forthrightness


That said, this article is for informational purposes only.


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