Top Tips For Riding an LSV on the Beach

Walking on the beach can be a fun experience. Nevertheless, the leisure activity can instantly become dire if a traveler is ill-prepared to cope with unforeseen, environmental-related effects, such as sunburn and heat stroke. Low speed vehicle owners that would like to overcome some of these setbacks may be able to do so by driving on the sandy terrain in a modified Club Car, EzGo, or luxury golf cart. 


Powersports machine fans that find the aforementioned solution worth pursuing are encouraged to read on as we explore the top tips for riding an LSV on the beach.


Cheap Used Luxury Golf Carts


When golf cart manufacturers create low speed vehicles, a mixture of high-quality and cheap parts are often utilized in an effort to keep MSRPs low. A great example of this phenomenon is the use of stock LSV tires. These cheap golf cart wheels are typically designed for golf course riding, and the low price reflects this limitation.


Taking this into consideration, powersports machine owners may prefer to swap out their stock golf cart wheels for a set of low speed vehicle tires capable of generating traction on sand.


Decrease LSV Tire Pressure


Four seater cart owners that are unable to buy new golf car wheels may be able to bypass the expense by simply deflating their used low speed vehicle wheels. When this method is implemented, the surface area of the LSV tires increases in such a way that fewer sand particles are displaced, and a bit of traction is achieved.


That said, it is important to note driving with deflated wheels boosts the risk of getting a pinch flat, so be sure to take this into consideration prior to leaving a sandy area.


Install a Powerful Golf Car Engine


Another component cart enthusiasts may want to upgrade is the LSV motor. Most stock engines are designed for golf course riding, and these underpowered machines often lack the energy needed to cruise along a coastline in a comfortable manner.


Change LSV Filters


Driving on the beach runs the risk of getting sand into the internal workings of a cheap used golf cart. When this occurs, various filters get clogged up, and overtime, the blockage typically destroys very expensive components. To reduce the odds of this occurring, take the time to install new LSV air and fuel filters after driving on sandy terrain.


Wash Cheap Used Low Speed Vehicle


Despite how inviting the smell of the sea is, the seemingly innocent air is notorious for causing powersports machines to rust and corrode. Street legal golf cart fans that would like to decrease this gradual effect as much as possible may be able to do so by washing their low speed vehicle at the end of every oceanside excursion.


Bring a Stocked LSV Cooler


During the summer, beaches are usually hot enough to evaporate the fluids housed inside a cheap golf cart battery. Low speed vehicle fans can prepare for this common phenomenon by keeping ice cold water tucked away inside a cart cooler, and refilling the energy capsule throughout the day.


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