Top Unusual Golf Cart and Animal Events in the Last Year

From lovable pets to curious wild beasts, animals have a habit of surprising people. And when these events are recorded, the footage tends to gain a bit of traction on social media platforms. Nevertheless, not all animal videos invoke the same reaction. Recordings of pets driving golf carts tend to go viral. On the other hand, informative footage of wild animals checking out cheap used LSVs usually stagnate. 


That said, both video types tend to be unusual and we take a look at a few examples below.


Orangutan Drives Golf Cart


Back in September 2021, footage of an ape driving a used low speed vehicle was uploaded to Youtube. By January 2022, the aforementioned orangutan golf cart video had become so popular the producers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert decided to use the clip during a broadcast. But despite this viral level of popularity, the original video was taken down. 


Now, all that remains are various repostings, and the following details.


  • Orangutan LSV footage was made in Dubai, UAE
  • The name of the animal driving the low speed vehicle is Rambo
  • Ape was taught to drive small toys as a kid and eventually graduated to golf carts
  • Rambo appears to be capable of chauffeuring a dog


In addition, the intelligent creature seems to prefer operating used golf carts with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the roof. For more information about this LSV-themed video, click here.


Dog Drives Low Speed Vehicle


About a month after the Rambo video was posted on Youtube a homeowner discovered their cheap used golf cart somehow managed to crash into their truck. Shocked, the low speed vehicle owner decided to check their security footage only to discover Titan, their 10-year-old English Mastiff, was to blame. 


According to the testimony of the low speed vehicle owners, the dog in question was banished to the outdoors due to a stinky encounter with a skunk. Afterward, rain started to fall and the smelly fur baby decided to take shelter in a nearby LSV that was still running. 


Upon climbing aboard, Titan stepped on the gas pedal of the cheap used powersports machine, thus sending the golf cart careening into a truck parked close by. And when the low speed vehicle came to a complete stop, the uninjured fur ball departed the motorized device, paused, and appeared to contemplate the event before leaving the scene of the crime. 


Bear Reviews Powersports Machine Up Close


The final LSV and animal event on our list is a somewhat educational video that features a black bear engaging golfers at a golf course. For those unfamiliar with the wild beast, the furry animal species tends to be aggressive, especially when they are hungry. 


So when a drooling black bear decided to approach golfers and their cheap used low speed vehicle rentals the situation became somewhat intense. Thankfully, the camera-wielding golf cart fans knew to shout, face the bear, and make as much noise as possible to scare off the curious animal.


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