Top Ways to Prevent Golf Cart Wrecks

Almost any golf cart accident can result in injury or death if the powersports machine in question is going fast enough. And although this possibility is somewhat alarming, it is important to remember that most LSV wrecks are preventable if the following tips are adhered to.


Remain Inside Moving Golf Carts


Sticking an appendage, such as the head or a leg, outside of a moving LSV is a strong, seemingly innocent temptation. Nevertheless, the activity can cause a devastating golf cart wreck due to a variety of reasons, and a few are listed below.


  • Underestimate distance from an appendage to an external object
  • Unseen moving obstacle does not swerve in time to avoid appendage contact
  • Driver of a Club Car, EzGo, or other luxury LSV swerves to avoid hitting an animal and unintentionally causes protruding appendage to strike another object


Needless to say, staying inside a moving LSV is an easy way to avoid some golf cart accidents.


Only Drive Cheap Used LSVs When Sober


When a person is under the influence their awareness and reflexes are reduced. As a result, inebriated low speed vehicle drivers tend to miss obvious accident-avoiding details, as well as the cue to brace for impact. LSV owners hoping to be aware of these environmental alerts while operating a cheap used golf car may be able to do so by consistently driving sober.


Keep Non Street Legal Golf Carts Off-Road


The main difference between LSVs and street legal golf carts is the use of DOT approved equipment. For those unfamiliar, the Department of Transportation, or DOT, utilizes real world statistics to improve road safety. 


This desirable outcome is made possible via research-backed regulations, such as requiring specific gear to be installed on a low speed vehicle prior to the powersports machine being used on public roads. Taking this into consideration, LSV owners may be able to prevent a low speed vehicle accident by keeping non street legal golf carts off-road.


Adhere to Road Rules


When operating a lifted street legal LSV, such as the Bintelli 4PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart, drivers are advised to adhere to the rules of the road, and are encouraged to drive defensively, as outlined below.


  • Plan route ahead of time
  • Check traffic levels prior to departure
  • Be mindful of surroundings
  • Brake early
  • Eliminate as many distractions as possible
  • Remain mindful and avoid succumbing to strong emotions


By implementing the tactics in this section, street legal low speed vehicle owners can typically reduce their odds of having a golf cart accident.


Limit Amount of Adult Passengers


Club Cars, EZ Gos, and limo golf carts are usually developed to support a specific distribution of weight. Or to put it another way, the number of seats a golf cart has is related to the passenger capacity of the powersports machine in question. 


LSV owners that opt to ignore this built-in, golf cart manufacturer recommendation run the risk of causing a golf car to be unbalanced and tip over. Therefore, golf cart owners can prevent some low speed vehicle accidents by only allowing four adults to board a 4 seater golf cart.


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