What Are Jeep® Scooters?

The brand known as Jeep® was acquired by Chrysler in 1987. However, the origin of the term “jeep” dates back to as early as 1936. To elaborate, during March of the aforementioned year, the character known as Eugene the Jeep was introduced in Popeye the Sailor comics. Given this wide array of phrase usage, it should come as no surprise there are two vastly different Jeep® scooters available online. 


Read on to find out more about these adult moped models.


Razor Jeep® RX200 Electric Scooter


Early in February of 2022, Jeep® and Razor revealed their new kick push e moped. Dubbed the RX200 Electric Scooter. This off-road e scooter is capable of traversing some terrain thanks to thick, 8-inch, air filled tires, a 200W motor, and the following.


  • Steel frame and fork
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Hand-controlled rear disc brake
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Dual LED headlights
  • Two rechargeable, 12V, lead acid batteries


Furthermore, this non-cheap adult electric scooter is designed for those age 18 or older, and comes with the following traits.


  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Weighs 39.6 lbs
  • Lasts about 40 minutes per charge
  • Can support a max capacity of 154 lbs
  • Some assembly required


Moped fans hoping to procure the Razor Jeep® RX200 Electric Scooter can anticipate paying at least $500 to do so. For more information about this adult electric scooter, visit the Razor motor scooter website.


E JEEP Enclosed 4 Seat Heated Mobility Scooter With REAL AC


As the name implies, the E JEEP Scooter from Mobility Scooter Store is an enclosed, electric powersports machine equipped with AC and heating elements. To achieve this innovative design, the moped manufacturer transformed the traditional scooter concept into a car like device capable of seating four. Additional features are listed below.


  • 10-inch wide, 4-inch thick tires
  • Reverse camera
  • Head, tail, and blinker lights
  • Bluetooth radio
  • Windshield and wiper
  • Parking brake
  • Electric windows
  • Control system for temperature and climate
  • Two doors
  • 3000W motor


Needless to say, this adult electric moped is built more like a miniature automobile than an e scooter. Powersport machine fans that enjoy the unique appearance of the E JEEP Scooter may also be delighted to know the device can be legally operated with or without a license. Other noteworthy specs are listed hereafter.


  • Max capacity of 750 lbs
  • Weighs 1027 lbs
  • Top speed is 33 mph
  • Gets about 55 miles per charge


As an added bonus, customers are currently able to add on the following items free of charge.


  • Safety flag
  • Cup holder
  • Key chain
  • Umbrella
  • High performance batteries
  • Home charger
  • Weather cover
  • Phone holder


Scooter with a seat enthusiasts hoping to procure the E JEEP from Mobility Scooter Store can anticipate paying $7,500, as well as enduring a delivery delay of roughly 4 months. Although this duration of time is lengthy, Mobility Scooter Store is compensating consumers for the slow pace by offering a promo code discount.


To find out more about the limited time offer, click here.


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