What Are Momo Golf Carts?

LSV brands, such as Bintelli, represent the name of a golf cart manufacturer. Nevertheless, the title of a company can be associated with a golf car even if the business in question does not produce low speed vehicles. A great example of this is Momo LSVs. 


In case you are not familiar, the term “Momo golf carts” refers to low speed vehicles with a specific accessory installed. This distinction is due to the fact that Momo does not produce four seater golf car models as of date. Find out more below.


Momo Steering Wheels


Momo is a manufacturer known for producing performance enhancing accessories for race car drivers. A few of the items generated and sold by the brand are listed below.


  • Racing suits, gloves, shoes, and other attire
  • Seats, restraints, shift knobs
  • Specialty wheels
  • Steering wheels


That said, Momo is not a run of the mill accessory manufacturer. Matter of fact, the history of Momo is rather complex, and rich. See, back in 1964, Gianpiero Moretti needed a way to improve steering wheel grip. 


Taking this into consideration, the driver commissioned a unique steering wheel to be produced. 


After winning the Formula One world title with the aforementioned gear installed, Moretti leveraged the grip related discovery to create Momo, also known as Moretti Monza. Since then, Momo has become known for producing performance enhancing accessories across the board.


What Are Momo Golf Carts


As we mentioned above, Momo produces accessories that are designed to improve racing performance. Therefore, it may come as a surprise customers refer to some low speed vehicles as devices of the highly-coveted brand. Now that we know a bit more about the unusual naming convention, let’s dive into what makes a cheap LSV a “Momo golf cart”.


In general, a used LSV can be transformed into a Momo by simply replacing the steering wheel. 


To accomplish this unique task a designated adapter, such as the ⅚ Hole Adapter from Forever Sharp, is added to the golf car steering column. Once the aforementioned $35 adapter is installed, luxury LSV owners can equip a Momo steering wheel of their choice into it thus completing the transformation. 


A few top tier Momo steering wheel models worth checking out are listed hereafter.


  • Quark – this basic model is available in three colors and is less than $190
  • Trek – features most of the attributes associated with high-quality Momo steering wheels and is available for less than $300
  • Ultra – attention catching exterior design comes with double leather inserts to improve durability, and can be purchase for less than $400
  • Prototipo 6C – lightweight, durable, and decorated with complex stitching for $569


In regards to the last bullet point above, the original Prototipo is sold out as of typing this. Considering the original model is sold out despite the $395 price tag, it is clear that Momo steering wheels are worth investing in, even if the accessory is simply being used to create a used cheap Momo golf cart.


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