What Should You Do After a Golf Cart Accident?

LSVs can be wrecked anywhere they are permitted to be. Furthermore, these accidents typically cause thousands of dollars in damage, and can result in jail time. Taking this into consideration, street legal golf cart and low speed vehicle owners benefit from knowing which local or state laws are applicable when an LSV accident occurs. That said, the following guide highlights some of the best steps golf car fans can take after a low speed vehicle accident.


Steps to Take After a Golf Cart Accident


Once a low speed vehicle has made contact with a person or object, those involved in the accident are going to want to know who is liable. Since this detail can be difficult to determine, owners of four seater golf carts and six seater LSVs may want to install cameras on their low speed vehicle. By doing so, EZ Go, Club Car, and limo golf cart fans may be able to capture footage of an accident, as well as present the video to a judge.


Call 911 After a Low Speed Vehicle Accident


Street legal golf carts can be operated on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. Although this speed does not seem like a lot, the mile per hour rate is enough to inflict physical damage if an accident occurs. To make matters more dire, injuries inflicted during a low speed vehicle accident may not become known until hours later. 


Therefore, the best step golf cart owners can take after an accident is to call the police and ask for EMT assistance. The former makes it possible for an unbiased witness to be present, as well as write a police report, whereas the latter can be leveraged to settle any related medical claims that occur as a result of the incident.


Collect Evidence For a Golf Cart Lawyer


Golf cart lawyers typically implore LSV owners to collect as much evidence as possible after an accident. To achieve the aforementioned task, take photos of what you notice or find interesting. If this is not possible, start recording everything on video as soon as feasible. While the camera is rolling, move the device around in slow, gentle movements to ensure the film is as high quality as possible. 


Afterward, present the information to a low speed vehicle lawyer.


How Often Do LSV Accidents Happen?


According to a report issued by the Journal of Safety Research, between 2007 and 2017 roughly 156,000 golf cart accidents resulted in an injury that required an emergency room visit.

Although this statistic is unsettling, it is important to note the estimation only includes accidents that resulted in a trip to a doctor. 


Or to put it another way, there are likely way more golf cart accidents per year in the United States than what is being recorded by hospitals. And to add insult to injury, the troublesome trend is likely going to continue as golf cart sales rise. 


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