Which Clear Golf Cart Covers Are Worth Buying?

Golf cart covers are an absolute must-have when it comes to encapsulating the cabin of an LSV. In case you are not familiar, clear golf car covers shield occupants from the elements, without impeding the view. That said, not all “clear” golf cart covers are transparent. To avoid these types of enclosures, and find out which clear golf cart covers are worth buying in 2021, read on.


How to Get the Right Golf Cart Cover


The first step in finding clear golf cart cover, also known as an enclosure, is to identify the measurements of the target golf cart. From there, LSV fans can leverage this information to find a clear golf cart cover that is slightly larger than the aforementioned dimensions.


For example, if an Ez Go, Club Car, or lifted golf car has a 54-inch roof, then a 56-inch clear golf cart cover is likely warranted. Remember, the extra wiggle room is needed to ensure the enclosure can actually be put on the golf cart.


Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure


The Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure from Fairway features a “one-size-fits-all” design. Thanks to this versatility, the enclosure can be slipped over the roof and draped down the sides of almost any LSV. That said, there is a caveat with this rather simplistic design.


To elaborate, the Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure does not include holes for side mirrors. Since these devices are mandatory when driving on the road, street legal golf cart owners may want to peruse the other clear golf cart covers on our list at this time.


For those not operating a street legal LSV, check out these specs.


  • Sides can be hooked onto the bottom of the golf cart
  • Zip-off windshield
  • Doors are removable
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Effective at keeping heat inside the cabin


For more information about this $200 clear golf cart enclosure, go here.


10L0L Golf Cart Enclosure


As we discussed above, “one-size-fits-all” golf cart enclosures are usually designed to slip over LSVs without side mirrors. Therefore, any clear LSV cover that is designed to address side mirror placement is worth looking into, such as the golf cart enclosure from 10L0L. 


This savvy looking cover is 59-inches, and the zipper seams zip up near the side mirror area. As a result, the clear gear is compatible with most street legal golf carts. Other features are below.


  • Comes with carrying case
  • Double zipper doors
  • Hooks to bottom of golf car
  • Water resistant


As an added bonus, the 10L0L Golf Cart Enclosure is only $81.


Bintelli Golf Cart Cover


Golf cart fans that prefer optimal cover performance may want to procure a clear golf cart enclosure that is custom made for an LSV. A great example of this is the golf cart enclosures from Bintelli. These custom made golf cart covers can be installed on any Bintelli golf cart model, and come with the following.


  • Openings for side mirrors
  • Roll up, removable, zipper doors for each row of seats
  • Ceiling latch to tuck aforementioned material away


In addition, Bintelli offers shipping worldwide.


Bintelli Powersports, located in Charleston, South Carolina is your one stop shop for golf carts, LSVs, motorcycles, atvs, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, go karts, and more. Nationwide shipping and financing is available! Give them a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit them online!