Which Countries Have the Most Scooters With a Seat?

Mopeds, also known as scooters with a seat, are a cheap, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Upon finding out this information, citizens around the world typically trade in their old school automobile for a gas powered scooter or e moped. 


In turn, this trend has led to a huge increase in two-wheeled, motorized device ownership. Powersports machine fans interested in finding out which countries currently have the most scooters with a seat are encouraged to read on as we explore the topic down below.


Scooters With a Seat in Thailand


According to an article published by World Atlas, approximately 87% of households have a gas powered moped or electric scooter. To get a better idea of just how many powersports machines that is in total, take a peek at the following stats.


  • Roughly 21 million households in Thailand
  • Almost 70 million people live in the area
  • About 22 million registered mopeds
  • Estimate for unregistered e motor scooters and gas powered mopeds is about a million


Based on the details above, powersports machine fans may consider Thailand to be the country with the most scooters with a seat. But before any titles are awarded, let us compare the information with similar data from a few other countries.


Used Motor Scooters in Vietnam


It is important to note the World Atlas content referenced above was published in 2019. Taking this into consideration, we added in some updated stats from reputable sources, such as Statista, the World Bank, and Wikipedia.


That said, the World Atlas report states that 86% of households in Vietnam have either an electric moped or a gas powered scooter. Since this percentage puts the Southeast Asia country in the second place position, many may be under the impression there are less e mopeds and gas powered scooters in Vietnam than Thailand.


To determine the validity of this view point, check out the statistics down below.


  • There are about 27 million households in Vietnam
  • Approximately 97 million people live in the country
  • An estimated 60 million scooters with a seat are operated each year


As one may be able to glean, there are fewer households in Vietnam with a moped than those in Thailand. But despite this percentage variation, Vietnam appears to have the most scooters with a seat between the two countries.


Cheap Motorbikes in Indonesia


Another country reported to have a high percentage of households with e moped and gas powered scooters is Indonesia. World Atlas states the aforementioned amount is 85%, which suggests that Indonesia has fewer e scooters than Vietnam and Thailand. 


Nevertheless, after reviewing the following statistics it may be easy to see why Indonesia likely has more motorized scooters than both of the countries listed above.


  • Almost 69 million households
  • A population of approximately 273 million
  • About 112 million motorbikes


Needless to say, using the household percentage rate does not seem to aptly reflect how many scooters with a seat are actually used in any given country. 


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