Which Golf Cart Parts Get Changed Most Often?

New and used golf carts are comprised of many components. Overtime, these individual pieces deteriorate to an unusable state. Although this unwanted event can be delayed with proper maintenance, eventually the broken down parts will need to be replaced with new ones. Read on to get a better idea of which components need to be replaced most often.


Golf Cart Battery


Regardless of whether you buy an ez go, club car, or Bintelli golf cart, the device will have a battery inside. In ideal conditions, this energy storage unit can last over seven years. However, most golf cart batteries do not last that long due to poor maintenance, neglect, and inappropriate recharging practices.


LSV Windshields


A rock moving at almost any speed can do serious damage. Due to this, flying debris is a real concern for those riding around in golf carts, even if they are low speed vehicles. An optimal way to protect occupants against these moving objects is by equipping lifted, luxury, and limo golf carts with windshields. 


This physical barrier typically works as intended, however, the feat is achieved at the expense of its structural integrity. As a result, golf cart windshields often need to be replaced after the following occur.


  • Extended exposure to extreme temperature changes
  • Golf cart tips or rolls over
  • Joyrides through areas with pebbles or rocks
  • Visited a forested location with low hanging branches
  • Hitting speed bumps or potholes too hard


That said, those that opt to avoid replacing the clear shield run the risk of having the safety gear shatter on them.


Luxury Golf Cart Brakes


Brakes work by pressing pads, also known as shoes, onto the drum. Overtime, this friction generating process wears down the thickness of the pads. If ignored for long enough, golf carts will start to squeak loudly when coming to a full stop, or worse, drivers will experience total brake failure.


Club Car Tires


Using an LSV as a street legal golf cart is steadily becoming a popular pastime. As this metric increases, so too does the amount of golf cart tire changes. In case you are not familiar with why, the stock tires that golf carts come with are designed to be used on a golf course rather than on an extreme environment, such as the road. 


Be sure to take that into consideration when shopping online for street legal golf carts.


EZ Go Battery Cables


LSV battery cables are designed to transfer energy from a power source to the electrical components of a golf cart. Although this process requires no movement, the bundled wires can deteriorate overtime if they are not properly maintained. To determine if your battery cables need to be replaced, be on the lookout for the signs listed below.


  • Corrosion
  • Fraying
  • Intermittent power
  • Trouble starting golf cart
  • Dim lights


Golf cart enthusiasts hoping to reduce the amount of wire replacements needed throughout the lifespan of their LSV may do so by buying high-quality battery cables and adhering to routine maintenance. 


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