Which Type of Golf Cart is Right for You?

To-date, golf cart manufacturers have produced, and sold, thousands of different LSVs. Although this statistic is indicative of a successful industry, there is a downside associated with the observation. 


Too many options can prevent shoppers from making a purchase. 


One of the best ways to bypass the aforementioned issue is to identify which type of LSV is needed prior to shopping online for “used golf carts for sale near me”. In this article, we review the different types of golf carts that are available in the market.


Push Golf Carts


As the name implies, push golf carts are designed to be situated in front of a golfer. Thanks to the forward design, golf players can keep all their gear within eyesight, and thus reduce the odds of theft. That said, having to push heavy equipment forward during a round of golf can get pretty tiresome. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to paying $200 for a push golf cart.


Pull Golf Cart


Unlike three wheeled push golf carts, pull carts typically only have two wheels. This slight difference may not seem like a big deal, however, the lack of a third wheel generates two highly-coveted perks. 


  • Pull carts tend to be super lightweight
  • Pull style carts tend to be cheap


Needless to say, it is easy to see why pull golf carts are often more popular than push golf cars.


Gas Powered Golf Cart


Gas powered golf carts offer citizens with a way to lug equipment around the golf course without excessive manual labor. In addition, these traditional four seater golf carts usually pack a lot of horsepower, which can be ideal for golfers that need to transport heavy gear from tee to tee. But bear in mind, the trade off for the extra power output is a noisy engine.


Electric LSVs


Electric low speed vehicles are an awesome, eco-friendly option for golf cart fans. These delightful motorized machines are available as street legal golf carts and typically offer the following perks.


  • Less expensive to fuel
  • Typically require little to no maintenance
  • Engines are usually super quiet
  • Electric golf carts can be retrofitted with a solar panel to reduce fuel expenses further


It is important to note that most e golf carts do not provide as much horsepower as gas powered LSVs.


Limo Golf Carts


Traditional low speed vehicles tend to be two or four seater golf carts. In contrast, Ezgo, Club Cars, and luxury LSVs that contain six or more seats are considered to be limo golf carts. These elongated motorized devices are perfect for shuttling groups of people to and from the following high traffic areas.


  • Backstage at a concert 
  • Music festival
  • Large family reunion
  • Tourists visiting an amusement park from a local hotel


Bear in mind, the inclusion of extra seats tends to drastically increase the MSRP of limo LSVs.


Lifted LSVs


Driving an LSV over an object runs the risk of damaging the undercarriage of the motorized device. To reduce the odds of this happening, golf cart manufacturers started producing lifted LSVs, which typically sit about 5 inches above traditional golf cars. A great example of a high-quality lifted LSV is the Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart.


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