Who Offers Free Moped Classes in 2022?

Mopeds, also known as scooters, provide citizens with a cheap, eco-friendly way to travel. As a result, the growth of motor scooter ownership has increased over the last few years. 


And unfortunately, a byproduct of this growth is an increase in moped related accidents. 


To address the unwanted effect, entities across the United States of America are offering free moped classes in 2022. Find out why, and how to take advantage of the freebies down below.


Moped Classes Can Be Life-Saving


Scooters with a seat can be legally operated on almost any road due to how fast gas powered mopeds and electric powersports machines are able to go. For those unfamiliar with the motorized device, motor scooters are often able to achieve speeds of over 60 miles per hour. 


Which is awesome. 


Nevertheless, the impressive speeds put moped operators in dangerous situations that can quickly become fatal if the driver hesitates to perform the correct responsive action. Taking this into consideration, electric motor scooter fans are encouraged to take part in moped classes, such as the following free courses, in 2022.


Free Moped Lessons From Revel


Revel, a used e scooter rental company, offers free, in-person moped lessons across the nation. These cheap motor scooter courses teach budding moped fans everything they need to know about operating the motorized device. But, scooter enthusiasts are only able to participate if they have the following.


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Verified Revel account
  • Mask or face cover on
  • Shoes that do not expose feet


Furthermore, oversized accessories and clothes that have the potential to inhibit the field of view of the driver are prohibited. For more information about the free e moped lessons from Revel, visit the electric scooter rental company website here.


Free E Scooter Lessons From Lime 


Another app-based company offering free scooter classes is Lime. This popular e moped rental business pays citizens across the United States of America to recharge their cheap e scooters, and then relocate the used electric mopeds to locations that are frequented by pedestrians. Yet despite the nationwide range, Lime appears to only offer in-person scooter lessons to those living in New York City and Washington, DC.


That said, e scooter fans living in the aforementioned cities may partake in free, 45-minute courses by booking their sessions here.


States Offering Free Moped Classes


As we mentioned above, gas powered scooters and e mopeds are often able to go over 60 miles per hour. But what we did not mention is the impressive speeds produced by scooters with a seat are on par with sports bikes, which is why the two powersports machines are typically lumped into one category.


Fortunately, moped fans can use this legal, albeit confusing, classification to their advantage to participate in free moped classes. To elaborate, some states, such as Illinois and Pennsylvania, offer residents free motorcycle classes that cover everything budding moped enthusiasts need to know about using their gas powered scooter or electric powersports machine.


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