Why Immobile Golf Carts Are Dangerous

Regardless of whether an immobile LSV is a gas powered golf cart or an electric golf car, the device in question can be dangerous. To elaborate, luxury golf cart components have the ability to catch fire. Or worse, cause an explosion. Although this may sound far-fetched, fires and explosions initiated by golf carts have steadily risen as LSVs increase in popularity.


That said, there are ways to prevent such events from occurring. Read on to find out what these lesser known dangers are, and how to address them.


Cheap Golf Cart Components


LSVs, also known as low speed vehicles, require routine maintenance. During these events, golf car owners may discover certain parts need to be replaced, and opt to purchase cheap golf car components. Which leads us to the first hidden danger.


Inexpensive items are often cheap due to safety related issues, such as the components generating sparks or catching fire. In the event such unwanted issues arise near flammable golf car parts, these tiny flames can ignite an explosive chain reaction.


Flammable LSV Components


When it comes to identifying flammable components on a gas powered golf cart, most people are able to immediately name the fuel tank. However, if these same participants are asked to point out the components that are flammable on an electric powered golf car, they may not be so quick to answer. Which brings us to the main reason immobile golf carts are dangerous. 


The battery.


See, many LSV owners are unaware of the fact that golf cart batteries release small amounts of hydrogen. In case you are not familiar, this odorless, colorless gas is highly flammable, and very dangerous. A tiny amount of hydrogen can create a massive explosion. 


And if that was not scary enough, a decent amount of hydrogen can cause lethal suffocation.


For example, Palm Beach officials noticed an alarming increase in explosions and fires back in 2019. Upon investigation, inspectors discovered all the incidents were related to hydrogen being released from golf cart batteries. When asked about these incidents, David DeRita, Palm Beach County Fire Marshal, stated “We are talking about a double whammy here…If it doesn’t suffocate you, it can kill you through a fire.”


How to Stay Safe


As we mentioned above, there are a few ways to avoid the hydrogen issue. Of these methods, arguably the easiest is to buy a carbon monoxide detector. Despite the name, the devices tend to pick up trace amounts of hydrogen in the air and alert those nearby. 


Other noteworthy solutions are listed hereafter.


  • Do not smoke in the same area as the golf cart
  • Always keep battery water levels at the designated line, without exception
  • Abide golf cart manufacturer instructions, warnings, and guidelines
  • Utilize the battery charger that is specifically designed for an LSV
  • Conduct routine battery maintenance
  • Avoid leaving the battery on the charger after it is fully charged
  • Ensure the limo, luxury, or lifted golf cart is stored in a well-ventilated area


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