Why is My Golf Cart Charger Not Working?

Picture this. An LSV owner is getting ready to cruise around town in a street legal golf cart. They unplug their low speed vehicle, get into the cabin, turn the ignition key, and…nothing happens. 


Sounds pretty annoying, right?


Unfortunately, the odds of this happening to an LSV owner is pretty high. Those that would like to prepare for this eventuality may be able to do so via the prevention and troubleshooting steps disclosed below.


Why is My LSV Not Working?


When a low speed vehicle fails to start the event can be very irritating. To proactively prevent this issue from occurring, or at the very least, become aware of the problem before turning the key, be sure to adhere to the recharge steps below.


  • Inspect the condition of the charger, wire, and battery level prior to the recharge session
  • Replace damaged or malfunctioning components as soon as possible
  • Recharge the used golf cart battery when the unit still has energy left
  • Confirm the components are functioning as intended before walking away
  • Once the low speed vehicle is fully charged unplug the unit


That said, warning signs of electrical failure are easy to miss when low speed vehicle owners do not know what to be on the lookout for. To address this issue, read on to discover the common culprits associated with a golf cart charger not working.


Cheap Used Low Speed Vehicle Battery


Batteries go bad for a variety of reasons. As a result, golf car owners may have trouble determining the source of an energy related problem. LSV fans aiming to rule out the golf cart battery as quickly as possible can do so via following steps.


  • Confirm the golf car battery has the correct amount of water, if applicable
  • Check terminals for corrosion or gunk buildup that typically blocks electrical flow
  • If debris is found, unhook the energy unit and scrub the terminals with baking soda paste
  • Use a voltage tester to see if the energy capsule emits between 25 and 30 volts
  • If the readout is less than 25 volts, consider jump starting the unit with a car battery


Golf car owners unable to increase the voltage level likely need to replace the battery. For those able to achieve the recommended volt but unable to recharge their golf cart, check out the other possible culprits down below.


Chargers For Custom Low Speed Vehicles


Once the LSV battery is ruled out, the next task is to determine if a new charger is needed. A few telltale signs of a malfunctioning charger are outlined below.


  • Charger does not turn on
  • Makes a loud click, then shuts down
  • Continues to pump energy into the battery after the unit is fully charged
  • Charge click no longer occurs
  • Battery never reaches 100%
  • Damaged wire


If the issues above do not occur and the battery energy level does not go up, try a different outlet. Odds are the electrical port is not providing sufficient energy to the low speed vehicle.


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