Will The Pandemic Change Golf Cart Usage Forever?

There is loads of space between each tee location on a golf course. To ensure guests can cover the distance, golf course establishments typically provide golfers with a way to rent an Ezgo, Club Car, or some other fancy golf cart. 

As a result, individuals started riding together in aforementioned golf carts so they could golf as a group. Overtime, this tradition simply became commonplace. Or at least, it was until this year.

After the pandemic hit, golf course companies were required to restrict how many golfers were allowed to ride in an LSV. Unfortunately, many businesses ran out of lifted carts, golf cars, and other low speed vehicles to rent. 

To address this problem, a novel solution was implemented via scooters.


Golf Course Scooters

When most people think “golf cart” they associate it with golf and a green course to drive on. However, given our current situation golf carts many not be so common out on the field. In their place, golfers may very well see an abundance of scooters in the future since they appear to be more economically logical for golf course owners to rent out.

Here’s how it works from a business standpoint.

To supplement LSV fleets, golf course owners have started adding scooters to their inventory either by buying a few scooters outright or renting them. During the process, many businesses have opted to recoup their scooter purchase related losses via one of the following methods.

  • Charge customers regular golf cart fee to rent a scooter
  • Add a premium to regular rental prices

Those that opted to buy their scooters outright were quickly able to turn a profit, even if they only charged the regular golf cart fees. The reason? Time.

See, when a solo rider is able to safely zoom around on a scooter they typically finish golfing in under 4-hours. Pre-pandemic, a round of golf took about 5-hours. Although that hour difference may not seem like much, to a golf course owner it means more time is available for a new rental to be purchased.

To further elaborate, before 2020 one rental may have only earned golf course owners about $40 a 12-hour day. However, with scooters, now there is a chance that a device could generate more than $80 in that same time span.


Lingering Effects

Extra rental availability and an increase in profits are not the only benefits golf cart owners are seeing. For example, liability risks are being reduced overall, which may come as a shock considering scooters go faster than most LSVs. 

Nevertheless, this phenomenon occurs largely due to human error. Namely, golfers tend to get distracted while driving around on a golf cart. By reducing the time between tees, golfers have less time to get bored thus reducing the odds of golfers having a distraction related accident.

That said, should an incident occur anyway, the smaller weight of the electric scooter statistically results in less damage. As a result, “golf cart” scooters appear to be a wiser investment in the eyes of golf course owners.

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